Bicycle Accident

Were you seriously injured in a bike accident in Denver, Colorado? Not all attorneys will understand what you’re going through. Bicycle Accident Lawyer D.J. Banovitz is a lifelong cyclist and will protect your rights to fair compensation.

D.J. Banovitz Knows the Risks Denver-Area Cyclists Face

I am Denver, Colorado bike accident lawyer D.J. Banovitz. I am fervent about upholding Denver’s bike laws and protecting the rights of injured cyclists after a serious accident. For me it is not just a professional mission, but a personal one as well. I am not just a bicycle accident lawyer, but a lifelong cyclist.

While training, I have witnessed firsthand how the rights of cyclists on our roadways are frequently ignored. Worse yet are those situations where a driver deliberately endangers or injures a law-abiding bicyclist. All too often these acts of carelessness can lead to serious or fatal bike accidents.

Throughout my career, I have handled all types of bicycle-related injury claims –from incidents involving drivers of motor vehicles to injuries resulting from defective bicycle equipment such as a stem or handlebar.

Finally a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Who Understands What You’re Facing

Understanding the cyclist’s point of view not only from the liability standpoint, but how the injury affects the victim is important. This may be easier said than done for bike accident attorneys who haven’t experienced the thrill and sense of accomplishment associated with meeting a training goal.

A serious injury can keep a cyclist from riding for a long period of time, destroying your investment in training time and your bike. The effect of your injuries and time off your bike can cause serious depression.

Injuries frequently include:

Juries are often unfair to victims who were hurt while legally riding on the road.

Whether you are simply a casual rider, commuter or racer, a Colorado bicycle accident lawyer that understands this bias, and clearly and effectively communicates the cyclist’s perspective to the jury is essential. The difference between merely being able to ride again and being able to complete a sub-six hour century is huge. Your lawyer should be someone who understands.

When You Need a Colorado Bicycle Accident Lawyer, I can Help

If you or your loved one have been seriously injured or killed in a Denver-area bicycle accident or bicycle product failure, I am the Colorado lawyer who can help. Call me at 303-300-5060 or complete our short online form to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. Expect to get honest, compassionate answers to your questions.

D.J.’s Tips and Tricks for Colorado Cyclists

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