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After a serious accident in Denver, law forms and complicated legal processes may deter you from filing a personal injury lawsuit. Don’t let that stop you from seeking the compensation you need — D.J. Banovitz, a bicycle accident and personal injury lawyer in Colorado, can help.

Our firm has handled a diverse range of cases so regardless of the type of accident you’ve experienced, chances are we’ll have the knowledge and experience to help you. Whether your situation calls for a slip and fall attorney or bicycle accident lawyer, we can help.

When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer, our Firm Can Help

Though we are based in Englewood, Colorado we serve clients across the greater Denver area.

We are well-versed in Denver law for many forms of personal injury cases, including:

No matter what type of Colorado personal injury lawsuit you need to file, we’ll make sure you understand what’s going on at each point in the legal process, so that you’re never left in the dark when it comes to your case.

When Injuries are Serious, We Don’t Shy Away from the Courtroom

In fact, many of our cases involve clients who have suffered some of the following life-altering injuries:

  • herniated disks;
  • broken bones;
  • cuts; and
  • burns.

Whether you need a bicycle accident lawyer or an attorney experienced in pedestrian injury cases, one thing is for sure: you’ll want a Colorado personal injury lawyer who has gone to trial for his clients before.

We Provide Resources throughout Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury victims have a lot of questions when tragedy strikes. You need good information fast. What should you do? What are your rights? Who is responsible for paying for your injuries?

You can begin to learn about what to do by checking out these links and more in the Personal Injury Help Center:

Once you’ve had a chance to learn more about what it takes to file a Colorado personal injury lawsuit, contact us to schedule your consultation.

If you or your loved ones have been seriously injured in Denver, D.J. Banovitz Personal Injury Law can help. Call us at 303-300-5060 for a free, no pressure, no obligation consultation to get honest, compassionate answers to your questions about filing a personal injury lawsuit.