Car Accidents

Car accidents can change lives in an instant. Attorney in Denver, Colorado, D.J. Banovitz can help you seek auto accident compensation to get your life back on track after suffering severe injuries.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident in Denver, You’re Not Alone

Thousands of Coloradans are injured or killed on our roads every year. Although nationally the number of injuries and deaths from car accidents is declining, according to the most recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, they are on the rise in Colorado. Careless and reckless drivers are harming innocent victims in increasing numbers.

Many of these wrecks are rear-end collisions on I-25, I-70, C-470 or side impact (t-bone) crashes on Broadway or Colorado Boulevard. Many involve reckless conduct including DUI, which might allow you to recover punitive or exemplary damages. Whatever your situation, you need an experienced car accident attorney in Denver, Colorado to help you.

D.J. Banovitz Provides Guidance to Coloradoans Injured in Car Accidents

The injuries to you and your loved ones can be life-altering.

Although cars are safer than ever, the following injuries still occur with tragic frequency:

  • brain injuries;
  • herniated spinal disks;
  • broken bones;
  • severe cuts and lacerations; and
  • burns.

Many people are surprised to find themselves seriously injured even though there isn’t a lot of damage to the vehicles involved. Your immediate need after a serious car accident in Denver is to get your injuries treated and protect yourself financially.

Where to start? Getting past the typical lawyer advertising which offers free consultations and aggressive representation can be frustrating. Should I speak with an adjuster? Is the driver that hit me uninsured or underinsured? Those are likely just some of many questions you need addressed.

Once you’ve looked over some of our resources, you can consult with auto accident compensation attorney D.J. Banovitz to set up a consultation to discuss what you should do next. We can provide crucial guidance throughout your entire case and have the experience to represent you in trial proceedings to pursue the compensation you need to get your life in order.

After Denver Car Accidents, Victims Turn to D.J. Banovitz for Answers

If you or your loved ones have been seriously injured or killed in a car accident in Denver, D.J. Banovitz Personal Injury Law can help. Call us at 303-300-5060 or fill out our online contact form for a free, no pressure, no-obligation consultation and get honest, compassionate answers to your questions.

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