Car Accident Information to Gather: Advice from a Denver Car Accident Attorney

After a car crash, proper documentation will make all the difference if you file a personal injury case. It will also demonstrate to the other party all the damages for which you need compensation. A Denver car accident attorney can also offer legal advice as to how to proceed with your case. Here are some of the most important documents you will need to bring to the negotiating table.

Evidence You Need to Furnish

One of the things you will need is the police report. The police officer who came to the accident scene writes a police report. It contains important evidence, such as violated laws and statements about the cause of the accident. You can obtain a police report by calling the law enforcement agency that wrote the report and details of the accident.

Medical records are also crucial. You should have copies of all medical care, including emergency care, treatments, rehabilitation, diagnoses, tests and prescriptions. You should be able to obtain medical records from the billing or records department of the medical facility. A Denver accident attorney can make sure you gather all the records you need.

Proof of income is also needed so you can be reimbursed for lost wages. Include paycheck stubs or any other documents that show the amount of income you lost due to injuries from the car wreck.

Estimates of damage are also required. In order to be reimbursed for vehicle damage, you need to gather estimates for repair work. You may also need to provide the cash value of your vehicle, which you can obtain from the Kelley Blue Book.

If there are many details involved with the car crash, you may find it helpful to keep a journal. It can include things such as your emotions, injuries, doctors’ visits, or other things you can remember about the accident that may be helpful to your case.

Contact a Denver Car Accident Attorney

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