Road Rash and Disfigurement from a Bicycle Accident

There are a variety of bike accident injuries a bicyclist can sustain when struck by a vehicle. One of the most common is road rash, which can be disfiguring if severe. When a bike accident is caused by a driver’s careless or reckless actions, bicyclists can file an injury claim to recover compensation.

Overview of Road Rash Injuries in a Bike Accident

Bicyclists who land with force or skid across concrete, gravel or asphalt can suffer damage to the skin, also known as road rash. Even bicyclists who are wearing clothing can sustain severe road rash injuries, as clothing can easily be pulled and torn when contact is made with a hard surface.

The severity of the damage is comparable to burn injuries. The mildest form of road rash, first-degree, typically doesn’t require treatment beyond cleaning the area. However, according to the National Institutes of Health, “abrasions contaminated by dirt and gravel after a traffic accident require surgical scrubbing to prevent traumatic tattooing.”

The surface of the skin might have an abrasion. With a second-degree injury, the skin may be scraped or there could be cuts that might heal without scarring.

A third-degree road rash injury is much more serious, it could affect:

  • nerves;
  • blood vessels;
  • tissue; and
  • bone.

Treatment may include a skin graft to repair exposed areas. Complications could include infection, blood loss and even permanent scarring. The texture of the skin might be irregular. Or there could be raised, red scars. Deeper scarring may actually impact muscles and could impair movement of the affected body part.

Not only does the injured person deal with a great deal of physical pain. But when injuries are disfiguring, it can also result in emotional harm, especially when the damage is to areas of the body that are more visible such as the face, arms and legs. But scarring on any part of the body can have a significant impact.

Seek Damages for Disfigurement Stemming from Road Rash

When bike accident injuries are caused by another person’s negligence, the associated medical bills could be sought in an injury claim. When missed time from work results in loss of income, that may be recoverable as well.

After the initial medical treatment, cosmetic surgery may be necessary to reduce scarring. These costs may also be included in an injury claim. This is why it’s important not to settle a case when there is the potential to incur further medical expenses, along with additional missed time from work. Of course even after cosmetic surgery, there may still be visible signs of scarring.

To address the impact of scarring injuries, damages could be recoverable that are specific to disfigurement like:

  • pain and suffering;
  • mental anguish; and
  • permanent disability.

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