Why should I listen to you

I am a lifelong cyclist. Cycling has saved my life. Many of you reading this may feel the same way about riding. If you share the same passion, have bike catalogs littered around your house, routinely shave your legs (and are male), a casual rider or use your bike for transportation, I understand the issues that confront a cyclist injured by a careless driver. I understand the cyclist’s point of view not only from the liability standpoint but how the injury affects the victim. A serious injury can keep a cyclist from riding for a long period of time destroying your investment in training time and your bike. The effect of your injuries and time off your bike can cause serious depression. Injuries frequently include brain injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments, scarring and disfigurement. If you are a parent and are dealing with the anguish of an injured child, read on.

Juries can often be unfair to victims who were hurt while legally riding on the road or even a sidewalk. A jury can blame the parent of the injured child for not properly supervising them. Whether you are simply a casual rider, commuter, or racer, a Colorado bicycling accident lawyer that understands this bias and clearly and effectively communicates the cyclist’s perspective to the jury is essential. The difference between merely being able to ride again and being able to complete a sub-six hour century is huge. Your lawyer should be someone who understands.

Auto insurance companies will go to incredible lengths to deny legitimate claims brought by cyclists struck by careless drivers. I have seen an insurance company deny a biker’s claim where she was run down by a driver that passed her and then made a right hand turn cutting her off and crushing the front of the bike under the rear wheel of the car. The insurance company did not care that she was legally riding in the road. They claimed that she should have been on the sidewalk (wrong) and that the cyclist failed to keep a proper lookout (also wrong).

Apparently, some insurance companies believe that it’s open season on cyclists. If you or a family member are struck by a careless or reckless driver you need an experienced Colorado accident trial lawyer who understands the rules of the road for motorists and cyclists alike. A driver is not absolved from responsibility for running over or hitting a person because they had they happened to be on a bike. Drivers (and bicyclists) must obey the traffic laws and must exercise reasonable care.

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