Who is considered an expert witness in a car accident case?

An expert witness is a certified professional qualified to provide testimony in personal injury cases. There are dozens of types of experts available; which ones you select for your case depends upon the nature of your situation, as well as their field experience. Your attorney can help secure testimony from approved expert witnesses relevant to your case.

Types of Expert Witnesses in Car Accident Cases

There are numerous types of field experts who your attorney may call in to provide expert testimony for a car accident claim or lawsuit. Your attorney may use these expert witnesses to prove various aspects of the case. This might include who was at fault, the future financial impact of the injury, or the long-term mental health repercussions of an accident.

Some of the experts who might be useful to prove a car accident case include:

  • medical specialists (e.g., primary care physicians, surgeons, physical therapists);
  • accident reconstructionists;
  • economists;
  • collision analysts;
  • auto mechanics or engineers;
  • counselors, psychiatrists, or other mental health experts;
  • roadway safety consultants; and
  • forensics experts.

What makes a good expert witness?

Selecting the right expert to provide a testimony could make or break your case. So what qualifications and qualities make a good choice?

Here are three main factors to take into consideration:

  • Usefulness – To state the obvious, it’s important to make sure the expert can actually be beneficial to your case. Is the expert’s testimony relevant? Can he or she prove a crucial element? Will the testimony support your claim and help you recover compensation?
  • Training and Experience – There are dozens of professionals listed as field experts in Denver. To narrow down your search, select those with solid academic training, as well as a good amount of experience in the field.
  • Court Experience – Lastly, you and your attorney may decide to use experts who already have experience providing testimonies in car accident cases. Of course, this is not a requirement.

Reasons to Acquire Help from Field Experts for Your Claim

There are plenty of ways an expert may be of benefit when pursuing compensation in a car accident claim:

  • an accident reconstructionist may be use computer programs and analysis to demonstrate who was at fault for an accident;
  • an economist may show how the accident will financially impact the victim, and what could be a fair settlement value; and
  • a neurosurgeon can provide a prognosis and detailed treatment plan to account for current and future damages.

We Can Locate Local Experts

Your attorney can help you determine whether or not experts are needed for your case, and which ones may be most suitable. If you’re in Aurora or the surrounding area and are in need of legal counsel, contact personal injury attorney D.J. Banovitz today. Call us to schedule a free consultation: 303-300-5060.