When to Replace Bike Tires to Avoid Accidents

Know when to replace bike tires. Bicycle tires do more than just get someone from one destination to another. They provide stability and protection for the rider, but only when they are in good condition.

Worn down tires could increase the risk of an accident. Further, a personal injury attorney in Colorado may point to an injured Arvada cyclist’s commitment to bicycle safety when establishing fault for a bike accident.

Tire Tread Could Indicate When to Replace Bike Tires

Before a new cycling season begins, tires should be checked to ensure they are ready for riding. But it’s also important to do this on a periodic basis – say, quarterly – since at any time they could be ready for replacement.

The treads can indicate if it’s time to purchase new ones. For instance, when they begin to wear away, it may be time to replace the tires. However, certain types of tread wear might be more difficult to detect, such as with racing tires.

Oftentimes they come equipped with a wear indicator, such as a bright strip that begins to show when worn down. Additionally, if the center of the tire becomes flat they may need replacing.

Sometimes the wear of tread can be detected by removing the tire and feeling it by hand. If the middle part of the tire appears to be much thinner than the outer edges of it, this is another sign of when to replace the bike tires.

Other Indications of When to Replace Bike Tires

In addition to checking the tread, there are other ways to know if tires should be replaced. One is dry rot, which is a deterioration of the rubber. This tends to occur more often in the sidewalls of the tire. But along with that, any rips or cuts in the sidewalls may indicate the tires need replacing to improve bicycle safety.

Sometimes debris such as small rocks gets embedded in a tire. This could be an indication that this part of the tire is thinner, which makes it susceptible to other types of debris that could puncture the tire, such as glass.

Before riding each time, the pressure of the tire should be checked. It’s important to follow the recommended pressure indicated on the tire for bicycle safety. If it can’t keep it, there may be a leak. While these can sometimes be repaired, if the tire is in poor condition it may be an indication of when to replace the bike tires.

What if despite my bicycle safety efforts, I’m in an accident?

A negligent driver or other individual who causes a bicycle accident that injures the cyclist may be held liable for any damages. A personal injury attorney in Colorado can help Arvada cyclists who have been injured explore legal options for financial recovery.

The personal injury attorney in Colorado may use the bike itself as evidence and point to the Arvada cyclist’s upkeep of the bike if the defendant blames poor maintenance of the bicycle as a contributing factor for the accident. In addition to knowing when to replace bike tires, bicycle safety also requires continued inspection and maintenance of other parts such as brakes, helmets, etc.