When a Catastrophic Injury Results in Amputation, Hire a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Denver

A catastrophic injury is just what it sounds like: an injury that results in downright catastrophe in a person’s life. Whether it happens in a car accident, from a fall or during work, it has serious and life-altering effects. It affects people’s ability to work, care for themselves and their family, and it seriously diminishes their overall quality of life. Because of this, you should consult with a Colorado catastrophic injury attorney to hold negligent parties accountable if you’ve been the victim of such an injury.

Different Types of Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury could be any of the following:

  • a neurological disorder;
  • severe bone fracture;
  • severe burns;
  • spinal cord injuries; or
  • head trauma.

Unfortunately, sometime these injuries necessitate the need for an amputation, therefore causing even more life-altering effects, such as the inability to walk, drive a car or even hold a pen.

Not only are the initial costs of catastrophic injury or amputation expensive, but also continued treatment and care for the rest of your life can get financially stressful. If the injury or loss of limb affects your ability to work, that’s even more money lost.

If you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury that resulted in amputation, you should consider filing a claim against the person at fault. By hiring a catastrophic injury attorney and filing a claim, you may be compensated for your medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. In some cases, your settlement may even compensate you for future medical bills and treatments, as well as future lost income. If you’re a financial provider for your family or have dependents, your claim award could mean valuable resources to help your loved ones stay afloat, even serving as your primary source of financial stability.

Because there are deadlines involved in filing a Colorado claim, it’s important to contact a catastrophic injury attorney immediately. A Denver attorney can help maximize the value of your claim to ensure that you receive compensation for optimum medical care and other expenses.

Contact a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Denver

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