When a Catastrophic Injury Causes Permanent Disfigurement

Permanent disfigurement from a catastrophic injury is one in which the impact is long-term or lasts a lifetime. If the disfiguring catastrophic injury was caused by someone else’s negligence compensation for damages suffered may be recoverable through an injury claim with help from an Arvada, Colorado personal injury attorney.

Catastrophic Injuries That May Result in Permanent Disfigurement

One type of injury that can cause permanent disfigurement is an amputation. If a limb is severed partially or completely, it may or may not be possible to reattach it. Even if the limb can be fitted with a prosthesis, it is still a disfiguring injury that can significantly alter an individual’s life. Without a prosthesis, the victim may be left with a limb that can’t function normally.

Severe burns are another type of disfiguring catastrophic injury. Third-degree burns destroy the full layers of skin, and may even cause damage to the tissue underneath. Scarring is common when the burns are severe, and it can also cause permanent impairment.

Road rash from a motorcycle accident can cause injuries similar to what a burn victim might experience. Skin can be torn into its deepest layers, requiring skin grafts. Even with the best treatment, burns of any nature can result in scars that are visible to the victim and others for a lifetime.

Severe facial injuries can also be a type of catastrophic injury that results in permanent disfigurement. The loss of an eye, paralysis and broken bones can be especially traumatic since the face cannot be hidden.

Compensation for Disfiguring Catastrophic Injuries When Caused by Negligence

Unlike other injuries from an accident that eventually heal, disfiguring catastrophic injuries can have a lifelong impact on the victim. As a result, compensation for the psychological and other effects may be available.

An Arvada, Colorado personal injury attorney can help victims specifically address permanent disfigurement, pain and suffering, mental anguish, reduced quality of life and other damages when filing an injury claim.

Of course, there may also be compensation available for the actual expenses incurred to treat the injuries. Oftentimes the medical costs for disfiguring injuries are significant. For instance, burn injuries generally require a lengthy hospitalization. In a traumatic amputation, the cost of a prosthesis can be quite high.

Ongoing treatment, including rehabilitation or cosmetic surgeries may also be necessary. All of these expenses can result in a substantial financial burden. But when it’s the result of another party’s negligence, it could be recoverable through legal action with an Arvada, Colorado personal injury attorney.

In addition, damages may be available to address the loss of income. During the time of healing and recovery, missed wages may be recoverable as well. However, if the injuries prevent the person from returning to work or require working a lower-paying job, then compensation for earning potential could be available.

An Arvada, Colorado Personal Injury Attorney Can Offer Claim Help

It will be important to talk with an Arvada, Colorado personal injury attorney about the legal options that might be sought in a case involving a disfiguring catastrophic injury D.J. Banovitz can help injured victims file a personal injury claim to recover damages for serious injuries such as those causing permanent disfigurement.

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