What You Must Know about Squeeze Play Truck Accidents in Denver

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 333,000 truck accidents occurred in 2012, and nearly 4,000 people died in these accidents. Nearly three-quarters of those who died in truck accidents were occupants of other vehicles. Staying safe requires the vigilance and safe driving of everyone on the road.

It is important to understand that large vehicles like tractor trailers have limitations to their ability to stop or turn quickly and make tight turns, and they have blind spots that prevent them from being able to see other vehicles that are near them. Be aware of squeeze play truck accidents in Denver and how to avoid them.

Squeeze Play Truck Accidents in Denver

Squeeze play truck accidents in Denver are common between cars and tractor trailers and can result in serious injury and expensive property damage. A squeeze play accident occurs when a tractor trailer driver makes a right turn and needs to swing out into the lane to the left in order to accommodate the length and girth of his or her vehicle. This happens often in urban settings, and the maneuver creates multiple opportunities for collisions to happen.

Blind spots on the side, front and rear of the truck make it impossible for the driver to see vehicles that might be around it when it begins and completes a turn of this type. Cars in the left lane alongside the tractor trailer can be hit if they are in its path and in a blind spot. Cars that mistakenly believe that the truck is changing lanes and not swinging back for a turn may creep up on the right of the truck and collide with it when it turns — and cars on the other street can be hit if the truck does not successfully complete the turn.

The term squeeze play comes from the likelihood of a vehicle to become lodged or squeezed between the tractor trailer and the curb when trying to pass as the truck takes a wide right turn. The limited space of the situation is aptly described by this label.

Squeeze Play Truck Accidents in Denver: How to Avoid Them

The best way for drivers to avoid squeeze play with a truck is to pay close attention to a truck driver’s signals and actions. If the driver has his or her right-turn turn signal on, stay back. The driver may swing out into the lane to the left and then back to the right.

Cars on the right should wait until the truck has fully completed the turn before proceeding in that lane. Cars on the left also should stay back until the truck has swung back into the path of the turn and out of the left lane completely. Finally, motorists waiting on the intersecting road should stay back in their lanes and not crowd the intersection if they notice a truck making a wide right turn, allowing space for the truck to complete the turn.

Squeeze Play Truck Accidents in Denver: Who is liable?

Proving fault in a squeeze play truck accident can be challenging. Truck drivers are held to strict industry regulations and could be deemed responsible for hitting a vehicle when taking a wide right turn. However, if the driver had his or her right-turn signal and you attempted to sneak past the truck on the right, you could be liable for ignoring the warning. The determination of fault will be based on which driver acted more carelessly or negligently in contribution to the crash.

After an accident with a truck in Denver it’s important to call police to the scene for an official report and gather photographs and witness statements to support your case. Contact an attorney familiar with truck accidents to review your case and obtain representation for your property damage and/or personal injury claims. An attorney will be able to advise you on what evidence and documentation you need to prove fault.

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