What types of Littleton, Colorado accidents pose greater risk for catastrophic injury?

Whatever the accident, a Lowry personal injury lawyer can help if you’ve experienced catastrophic injury. Certain types of accidents may bring greater risk of these serious injuries that can have devastating consequences.

Catastrophic injuries include:

  • spinal cord injuries;
  • back and neck injuries;
  • head trauma;
  • brain damage;
  • amputation; and
  • disfigurement.

These injuries may lead to long-term or permanent disability.

Obviously, more serious car accidents put the individuals involved at greater risk of catastrophic injury or death than relatively minor crashes. Risks are especially high with wrecks that occur at high rates of speed.

Risk is high in traffic accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycle riders. Car accidents involving large commercial trucks also carry greater risks of catastrophic injuries.

Catastrophic injuries are not limited to traffic accidents, though. Falling from a great height, getting electrocuted, or being otherwise involved in a serious accident on one’s own property, or that of another individual or entity, may lead to devastating consequences as well.

You may be entitled to recover damages related to:

  • medical expenses;
  • lost wages;
  • pain and suffering;
  • mental anguish; and
  • disability.

Catastrophic injuries result in not only bodily harm, but oftentimes lead to emotional trauma.

Consulting a Lowry Personal Injury Lawyer

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