What Kind of Evidence Does My Denver Personal Injury Attorney Need for My Accident Claim Involving a Spinal Cord Injury?

The evidence needed in accident claims for a spinal cord injury will depend on the circumstances of the accident, but medical records definitely will be necessary. It would be best that you speak with a Denver personal injury attorney if you are suffering from spinal cord trauma caused by another’s negligence.

An auto accident lawyer in Denver will review your case, and if negligence can be proven, help you take steps toward securing maximum compensation for your current and future needs. However, you will need to contact an attorney soon, long before the deadline for filing a claim approaches.


Your attorney will gather the kind of evidence that shows:

  • the circumstances and extent of your injury;
  • that your injury is the result of an accident, rather than a pre-existing condition;
  • how your life will be affected by the injury;
  • why the defendant should be held liable; and
  • all damages you have suffered.

In addition to collecting evidence, filing accident claims involve investigating the accident scene, preparing eyewitness statements and submitting numerous documents to support your case. With the guidance of a spinal cord injury lawyer, you can have peace of mind that your claim will be presented within the statute of limitations for filing a claim and that your legal rights will be protected.

There are many advantages to having an auto accident lawyer in Denver working on your behalf. To increase your chance of obtaining full compensation, do not hesitate to speak legal counsel.


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