What is usually factored into a bad faith claim in Denver, Colorado?

There are many factors taken into consideration in a bad faith claim against an insurance company; however, only a Denver, Colorado bad faith attorney, who has experienced handling these types of claims, can accurately determine if you have a valid case.

Common factors considered in a bad faith claim include the following:

    • Severity – How severe were the injuries and damages involved in the claim? How severe were the effects of the insurance company’s denial or refusal of the claim?


    • Reasonability – Were the insurance company’s actions regarding the claim reasonable? Were the company’s delays, denials, or refusals of the claim reasonable in nature?


    • Quality of the investigation – Did the company make every effort to investigate the claim thoroughly and adequately?


    • Duty – Did the company fulfill its contractual duty to the policyholder?


    • Cooperation and Communication – Was the policyholder informed of developments with the claim? Did the company make efforts to communicate with the policyholder regarding the claim or its investigation?


  • Timing – Was the investigation of the claim done in a timely manner? Did the insurance company make efforts to address the claim and communicate with the policyholder in a reasonable amount of time?

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