What is the formula used to determine the value of my Colorado slip and fall claim?

The formula to determine the value of your slip and fall claim will depend on the nature of your injuries and other circumstances .

To get a reasonable estimate, you should have a Colorado personal injury lawyer review the specifics of your case .

It’s common for the liable party’s insurance company to compensate slip and fall victims for:

  • medical expenses , including ambulance fees, emergency room costs, hospitalization, surgery, medication and medical devices;
  • lost income if the injury forced you to take time off from work;
  • permanent disfigurement or disability ;
  • emotional harm, such as depression and strain on family members; and
  • damaged property , such as eyeglasses or a cellular phone.

Calculating Compensation in a Slip and Fall Claim

The formula that the insurance company will use involves adding up your medical expenses . These are referred to as medical special damages. This figure will be used to determine how much you should be paid for nonmonetary losses, or general damages, such as emotional harm.

If your injuries are minor, such as a sprained ankle, your special damages may be multiplied by 2. With serious injuries, such as a broken hip, your special damages may be multiplied by 5. In extreme cases, those damages may be multiplied by 10. Next, lost income will be added to the figure.

Then negotiations will begin. If you have suffered serious injuries, it’s important that you have a Colorado personal injury lawyer advocating for your rights. Otherwise, you may not get a fair settlement that thoroughly addresses your needs.

Contacting a Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer

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