What is a Spinal Cord Injury Prognosis for a Victim after a Serious Auto Accident in Denver?

A spinal cord injury prognosis will depend on the nature of the injury. If you or a loved one has suffered trauma to the spinal cord and need to file a spinal injury claim, you should speak with an auto accident lawyer in Denver.

When nerve cells in the spinal cord are damaged in a car accident, for example, the damage could be temporary or permanent. Nerve cells that are swollen or bruised eventually may return to normal. However, if nerve cells die, permanent damage will result.

If you’ve suffered what’s called a complete injury, you’ll lose sensation and voluntary movement below the area where the injury occurred. If you suffer an incomplete injury, you’ll have a certain degree of functioning below the level of the injury.


The following is based on years of spinal cord research:

  • Your prognosis would be based on what others with similar injuries have experienced because there’s no test to measure the severity of an injury.
  • An incomplete injury has a better prognosis than a complete injury, but recovery isn’t guaranteed.
  • Recovery is more likely in the early stages of your injury. As days go by, the chance of recovery lessens.
  • Hard work on your part won’t return your spinal cord to normal and reverse paralysis.
  • Surgery and therapy aren’t determining factors in recovery.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to predict the prognosis of a spinal cord injury. Therefore, you should seek legal counsel and pursue a spinal injury claim to protect yourself from financial burdens if another’s negligence caused you harm. A Colorado attorney who has handled many personal injury claims can help you seek compensation for your medical expenses, including various high-tech devices, to help you make the most of your condition.


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