What if my loved one’s catastrophic injury was the ultimate cause of death?

When a loved one dies later in life from a Colorado catastrophic injury, it’s important that the victim filed an initial personal injuries claim within the 2-year statute of limitations of their injury. Without the initial claim, it might be impossible to collect any compensation and hold the responsible parties liable for the death of your loved one. Therefore, it is important to contact a catastrophic injury attorney if you or your loved suffered a catastrophic injury to protect you and your family from future complications.

A catastrophic injury is typically an injury that causes a major disruption to an individual’s lifestyle. These types of injuries have long-term impacts, requiring a lifetime of care and treatment, and after these incidents, a family has to deal with the shock that their loved one has suffered a life-altering injury.

Some of the types of injuries that can be catastrophic are:

  • brain Injuries;
  • severe burns; and
  • neurological disorders.

In addition to the trauma of having a loved one who may never be the same as before the accident, the financial implications can be enormous for Denver families. These types of injuries require specialized treatment and rehabilitation, and the victim may not be in a position to work again.

Occasionally, these injuries can cause death later in life. Burns can impair respiratory function and possibly lead to infections. Brain injuries or neurological disorders can result in epilepsy, and studies show they can lead to Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases.

A Denver Catastrophic Injury Attorney Can Help

When you or a loved one has been the victim of a catastrophic injury, a Denver catastrophic injury attorney can work to make sure you receive justice. It’s important that a Colorado catastrophic injury claim was made in order to help make a case that a party should be held responsible for your loved one’s death later.

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