What are the property owner responsibilities of a landowner?

A property owner’s responsibilities to tenants and those who visit are that a reasonable standard of care must be met in providing a safe environment and correcting hazards to help prevent injuries. This means landowner liability may apply if there was a failure to do so, and it resulted in someone suffering serious harm.

Whether the injury stems from a condition on the property or activities conducted on the property, you will need to establish that negligence was the cause. In addition, you will need to show that it was the careless or negligent actions that directly resulted in injuries to the tenant or an individual who had a legal right to enter the premises. An attorney familiar with premises liability can help in this respect.

Property Owner Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a property owner include upkeep, maintenance and repair. Even though some of these tasks are given to others, such as repairmen, when it comes down to it, landowner liability applies.

It is the owner’s job to make sure hazardous conditions do not exist, and if they do, that they are fixed within a reasonable amount of time. This is when it gets a little tricky. For instance, a recent ice storm may have swept through your area. The parking lot may be iced over, resulting in a slip and fall that leads to a couple of fractures.

Although the property owner’s responsibilities are to ensure the parking lot is safe, it may not be a case of landowner liability if there wasn’t enough time to salt the lot. Let’s say just 15 minutes had passed from the time of the storm until the hazard existed.

It may not be considered reasonable to have taken care of the conditions. However, if several hours or days go by and nothing is done about it, then you may have a stronger case.

Consulting with a Lawyer in Denver

You have two years from the date of your injury to file a personal injury claim in Colorado. So consult attorney D.J. Banovitz at 1-303-300-5060 as soon as possible. He can explain property owner responsibilities and determine if you were the victim of negligence.