Understanding Colorado Premises Liability Law

If you’ve been injured in an accident on another person’s property and you want to file a personal injury claim , you will be encountering Colorado premises liability law. It helps to be familiar with this type of law so that you know what to expect as you work with your attorney.

Premises liability law addresses the responsibility of a property owner for accidents that happen on his or her property . Before a premises liability claim can begin, it needs to be determined who the legal owner of the property is and whether the owner is responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries.

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common that involve premises liability laws. In slip and fall cases, the plaintiff experienced a fall on someone else’s property and files a personal injury claim because they feel that the property owner was negligent in some way . For example, the owner may not have removed ice or other slippery substances from a walkway.

Premises Liability Law and Accidents

The first step of premises liability is establishing that the accident happened on someone else’s property and to determine who is the property owner . In most cases, it’s easy to find out who owns a piece of land or building, although in some cases it can be more than 1 person or a corporation, etc.

In some cases, one does not need to be a legal landowner in order to be named as a defendant in a premises liability claim; having a high degree of control over the care of the property can be enough to make someone responsible.

The individual filing the personal injury claim is only eligible for compensation if he or she was invited to the property or was working there . Trespassers generally do not have rights in Colorado premises law, although there may be exceptions.

The more difficult part is usually determining liability . Just because an accident occurs on someone’s property does not mean that that person is responsible for the injuries the victims suffer. Landowners are expected to maintain their property at a certain level of repair.

Like with any other personal injury claim, the plaintiff’s attorney needs to prove negligence. He or she will use medical reports, witness statements, photos of the property and other evidence to show that the property owner endangered those who came on the property, whether through actions or inaction.

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