Understanding Auto Insurance Bad Faith Practices

You pay your auto insurance premiums, so it’s reasonable to expect that when you are involved in an accident, your insurance company will handle your claim with the utmost professionalism. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many auto insurance companies use bad faith practices to avoid settling their clients’ claims. This is often because the company is struggling financially or is just plain greedy and wants to avoid paying, even when it’s rightfully deserved. If you are a victim of bad faith practices, you need the expertise of a Denver bad faith attorney.

Signs of Bad Faith Practices

An auto insurance company is engaging in bad faith practices if they use unfair tactics to avoid paying your claim. The following are some of the tactics they may use:

  • they deny your claim for no valid reason;
  • they change your policy without consent;
  • if they offer you a settlement, it is for an extremely low amount;
  • they insist that you make a claim against the other party first;
  • they use illegal measures to investigate your claim; and
  • they act unprofessional and direct verbal abuse toward you.

What is Not Bad Faith

You cannot expect your auto insurance company to approve every claim made against it. Your policy most likely lists any exclusions and instances in which your auto insurance claim would be denied. If you receive a denial, ask for an explanation. You most likely will be able to get assistance from the claims examiner, who can tell you what you need to do to get your claim settled.

In addition, if your auto insurance company negotiates a settlement with you, it is not automatically bad faith. They are allowed negotiate, especially if they feel your original amount is too high. Just like all other companies, insurance companies are in the business to make money, and they need to protect what they have. If you have questions about what is and what isn’t considered bad faith, contact a Denver bad faith attorney.

Contacting a Lawyer

If you feel your auto insurance company is practicing in bad faith, you need the skills and knowledge of a Denver bad faith attorney to ensure your auto accident claim is handled fairly. Contact the Law Office of D.J. Banovitz today at 1-303-300-5060 and request your free booklet 7 Costly Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Colorado Injury Case.

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