Types of Child Injury Lawyers: Choosing from Law Firms in Denver, Colorado

When your child suffers an injury because of the negligence of another individual, government entity or corporation, you should not have just any types of lawyers fighting for your rights. You should have a Colorado child injury lawyer by your side.

Hiring a child injury lawyer is an important decision. If your child is facing any kind of serious, disabling or life-threatening condition, you want experienced legal counsel. It would be a good idea first to find a few law firms in Denver and schedule a consultation with a lawyer. There are many questions you will need to ask before you hire the right Denver, Colorado personal injury attorney advocate for your child.


Some of the questions you should ask your potential attorney include:

  • Are you authorized to practice law in the state of Colorado?
  • How many child injury cases have you handled successfully?
  • How long have you been handling child injury cases?
  • How long have you been practicing in Colorado?
  • What percentage of your cases is settled and what percentage goes to trial?
  • Can you provide references?
  • How many cases have you lost?
  • Who will manage my case?
  • Do you belong to any professional organizations?
  • What are your fees?
  • What is your preferred method of communicating with clients?

You will have a good chance at being successful with your Colorado claim if you hire the types of lawyers who have handled many child injury cases successfully and have knowledge of Colorado laws, so do not be afraid to ask the above questions.


If you fail to research law firms in Denver and do not take interviewing with a Denver, Colorado personal injury attorney seriously, you may find yourself wasting more time and money in the long-run. The following are a few characteristics of types of lawyers you may encounter:

  • Dishonest – where hidden fees may exist;
  • Unethical – you are attorney is in it only for the money; and
  • Inexperienced – you find your attorney has never handled a type of case like yours and may even have a fraud or suspended license to practice.

You may have the option of always firing your attorney but by then it might be too late and the statute of limitations may have already run out, leaving your case invalid and you unable to recover compensation.


The Law Office of D.J. Banovitz prides itself on giving honest, straightforward answers to your questions and concerns after your child has been seriously injured in an accident. When another’s negligence causes your child harm you deserve to know the truth about your rights and options in a personal injury claim.

To learn more about how legal counsel matters in preserving your child injury claim, request a FREE copy of our book, 7 Costly Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Colorado Injury Case. When you’re ready, contact us for a FREE consultation – 1-303-300-5060.

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