Types of Car Accident Evidence for a Personal Injury Claim

Car accident evidence is critical when you are pursuing a personal injury claim because rewarding compensation is dependent upon burden of proof. Of course, assembling evidence isn’t usually the first thing on someone’s mind when they have been involved in an accident. This is especially true if he or she was injured. But if you can start collecting it right at the scene of the accident, it could end up significantly impacting the outcome of your case.

Car Accident Evidence at the Crash Scene

Your personal injury claim really begins before you ever file it. Injury lawyers will tell you that the sooner you get started, the stronger your case may be. This is because you’ll have more time to build your case with supporting evidence and you won’t have to race against the statute of limitations.

Unless you end up being taken away by ambulance, you may have opportunities right there at the scene to start collecting evidence. With the majority of people having access to a camera through a cell phone, you, someone you’re with, or even witnesses standing by can start snapping pictures right away.

Take a variety of shots, including:

  • long distance;
  • close-ups of the damaged vehicles;
  • the accident scene itself;
  • street signs;
  • skid marks; and
  • road conditions.

By capturing multiple angles and photos of the scene, it paints the picture better of what happened and who is ultimately at fault. It can also display the grand scale of the accident and if there were other factors involved such as obstructions.

Car Accident Evidence after the Crash

After the crash, obtain a copy of the police report. This can be very helpful to your personal injury claim because it may include the responding officer’s opinion on what caused the crash. Injury lawyers also know how significant it could be to your accident case if the report indicates the other driver was given a traffic citation.

Often, those involved in an accident forget details over time. So, another critical element to proving the other driver’s negligence will be keeping a journal throughout your case.

Make notes on:

  • what took place just before the accident;
  • your medical appointments;
  • conversations you have with the insurance company; and
  • expenses you incur.

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