Truck Accident Lawyer in Denver Explains Difference between Truck and Car Accident Claims

There are many different types of vehicles on the road that can be involved in an accident, from a bicycle to a semi-truck. All accidents are dangerous, but those that involve a truck and car can have especially serious consequences. Because of the extreme weight and size of some commercial trucks, the difference between a truck and car accident could be life or death.

If you were involved in an accident in your car with a commercial vehicle, a truck accident lawyer in Denver will tell you that there are some differences in the way you would handle a claim than after an accident with another car.

One of the main differences between a truck and car accident is injury .

Truck and Car Accident Injuries

Injuries sustained in a run-in with a truck tend to be very serious. This is because a semi-truck can weigh 80,000 pounds or more, while a typical car weighs approximately 3,000 pounds. This massive size can cause:

  • broken bones;
  • paralysis;
  • brain damage ; and
  • death.

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that you will walk away from an accident with a truck unscathed . Another major difference in a truck and car accident is the claim amount you can receive, should you decide to pursue legal action.

Compensation Awarded After a Truck and Car Accident

Because of an increased chance of injury should a collision occur, truck drivers usually carry insurance with high liability limits, so there may be more funds available to settle a truck accident claim than in a normal auto crash. To access this money, you will need to contact a truck accident lawyer in Denver who can help you file a claim for compensation.

How do I file a claim for a truck and car accident?

After an auto accident that leaves you with injuries, you are entitled to seek compensation for medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, and other damages. Having an accident with a truck is no different. To file a claim, you will contact a truck accident lawyer in Denver who will examine the details of your case to determine what you are entitled.

Depending on the circumstances, compensation can include:

  • economic damages , including the cost of medical care, lost wages and other related expenses;
  • non-economic damages for physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, disfigurement and the inability to lead a normal life; and
  • punitive damages , which may be awarded if it can be proven that the truck driver was truly negligent and acted in a dangerous manner (i.e., drunk or distracted driving).

Other Considerations in a Truck and Car Accident

Another special condition that may apply after a truck accident is that of truck driver license and negligence. Truck drivers are required by law to possess certain licenses and complete special courses before being hired as drivers for a company.

If it is discovered that a trucking company knowingly hired an inexperienced or unlicensed driver, then it also may be held liable and could have to pay damages to a victim as well. In a routine car-on-car accident, there is usually no recourse for being hit by an inexperienced driver.

Don’t let yourself be a victim of a negligent truck driver. A truck accident lawyer in Denver who is experienced in these types of cases can help you get a fair settlement for your claim. After tending to your injuries, obtaining a lawyer should be the next step you take after a truck and car accident.

Contacting a Truck Accident Lawyer in Denver

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