Treating a Broken Nose after an Aurora Bicycle Accident

If you’ve suffered facial injuries in a bicycle accident and have pain or swelling in your nose, seek medical attention. Common injuries in bicycle accidents include a broken nose, which means that you have a crack or break in the bone that covers the bridge of your nose or cartilage.

You may require broken nose treatment to repair the damage. Learn how to fix a broken nose and speak with your doctor about the best treatment for you.

Aurora Bicycle Accident: Symptoms of a Broken Nose

In some cases, a broken nose is an immediately obvious injury, such as when the nose appears crooked or there is extreme bleeding from the nostrils. However, there are times when a break in the nose is not as quickly apparent.

Some common symptoms you might experience if you break your nose include the following.

  • difficulty breathing through one or both nostrils.
  • mucus discharge from your nostrils.
  • bruising around your eyes.
  • swelling around the nose and surrounding areas.
  • and, pain.

If you find you have any of the symptoms listed above, seek medical attention. Be sure to tell your doctor you were involved in a bicycle accident and your injury is a result of this accident. If you need to file a personal injury claim because of complications at a later date, make sure your medical records are properly noted.

Aurora Bicycle Accident: Possible Complications of a Broken Nose

In many cases, broken nose treatment is effective and the bones heal without much interruption to your daily life. However, there are some considerations for complications of which you should be aware, according to the Mayo Clinic.

  • Neck injury – In some cases a blunt force strong enough to break the nose can also cause accompanying damage that is not immediately detected, such a neck injuries. In the case of a bicycle accident, you could experience an adrenaline rush right after the impact that masks pain and make injuries more difficult to detect.
  • Deviated septum – This is common complication of a broken nose. In this case, the bone break can displace the thin wall that divides the two sides of your nose. Surgery may be required to repair a deviated septum.
  • Cartilage damage – In blunt force trauma injuries, it is possible for the broken nose bone to be accompanied by cartilage damage. Your doctor can identify if you need surgery to repair your broken bone and cartilage.
  • Blood pooling – When the nose bleeds as in the case of a break, blood can pool and create a septal hematoma. These hematomas can block nostrils and may require surgery to avoid damage to surrounding cartilage.

Aurora Bicycle Accident: Broken Nose Treatment Options

Treatment for a broken nose can be simple and completed at home for minor fractures. Your doctor may recommend ice and over-the-counter pain medicine. In more serious cases, manual realignment can be used to straighten displaced bones and/or cartilage, or surgery could be required. Speak with your doctor about how to treat a broken nose.

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