Top Resources for Finding Product Recalls of Child Safety Items

An estimated 500 kids per day are treated in an emergency room for a toy-related injury, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. There are dozens of product recalls for child safety items each year, and various government agencies keep track of the product safety recalls in order to keep consumers informed. In the event of injury, parents may pursue an injury claim against a manufacturer.

Top Online Resources for Recalled Child Safety Products

There are three main government agencies that keep an updated database of recalled products, including child safety items such as car seats, bike helmets, and strollers:

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission – The CPSC goal is to protect the public from unreasonable risks of injury associated with consumer products. Under the “Recalls” tab of their website, consumers can select the “Babies and Kids” category to locate any product recalls for child safety items.
  • Food and Drug Administration – The FDA website is a good place to find recalls on foods, medicines, and safety devices to which your child may have had access. On the FDA website, viewers can locate recalls by clicking “Recalls” under the “Recalls and Alerts” on-page tab located on the home page.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – The NHTSA is the number one resource for locating recalled child car seats. To peruse a list of recalled child safety restraints, from the NHTSA website, select the “Vehicle Owners” tab, followed by the “Child Restraints” link on the next page.

Important Information about Manufacturers’ Recalls

On each product recall, consumers will find a host of important information including:

  • the name of the product and the manufacturer;
  • where the product was sold and how many units are in circulation;
  • exactly what the hazard entails;
  • any related reported accidents and injuries;
  • the manufacturer’s contact information; and
  • the manufacturer’s recommended remedy (e.g., return for a refund).

What to Do If You Have a Recalled Product

If you have a recalled product, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for dealing with the recall. The government agency will recommend to:

  • stop using the product;
  • provide instructions on repairing the product; and/or
  • explain how to go about getting a refund.

For example, the CPSC released a recall on June 19, 2013 for Jeep Liberty Strollers. The strollers have a defect in the inner tube that might cause the wheel rim to fly off, thereby increasing the risk of bodily injury.

The CPSC recommendation was threefold:

  • stop using the product;
  • contact the company to get free replacement wheels; and
  • inflate stroller tires to a maximum of 30 psi using a manual bicycle pump.

Additional Resources for Recalled Child-Related Items

Some of the other tools parents may find helpful include:

  • (a consumer-friendly searchable database provided by the CPSC);
  • NHTSA’s email alert opt-in for child restraints;
  • list of most current child-related product recalls; and
  • the ToysRUs Inc. current product recall list.

Injuries Related to a Defective or Recalled Child Safety Item

Child injury attorneys help families recover compensation when a defective or recalled product has caused their child serious harm. If your child has experienced an injury, you may file a claim for financial restitution to compensate you for damages.

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