Tips for Buying a Used Bike to Ensure Bicycle Safety

Among the tips for buying a bike are to remember bicycle safety when doing so. Although saving money might be at the forefront of some buyers’ minds, safety should be even more important.

When purchasing a used bike—whether from a friend, at a garage sale or online – there are some things that should be taken into consideration. If in a bicycle accident on the bike in Colorado, injury attorneys in Arvada can go over the victim’s options for legal action.

Tips for Buying a Bike: Inspecting the Parts on a Used Bicycle

Prospective buyers should take their time looking over the bike before handing over the money. Some worn or broken parts may not necessarily be a deal breaker, such as tears in the saddle.

However, damage to other components of a bike could either increase the risk of an accident or cause injury in the event of one, in which case Colorado injury attorneys in Arvada could help injured victims take legal action.

An example of a part that could cause an injury are the handlebars. It’s important to have handgrips or plugs so there isn’t a hollow opening. If a bicyclist were to crash, there may be a risk of being impaled by the handlebar.

Tires are another part of the bicycle that should be carefully inspected and things to look for that could be a detriment to bicycle safety are:

  • loose/broken spokes;


  • bent rims/wheels; and
  • wobbling wheels.

With the tire itself, check for damage to sidewalls, worn treads, tears in the inner ply and dry rot. Tires can sometimes be expensive to replace and difficult to find on older bikes.

Look for other parts on the bike that appear to be worn or broken, too, like the:

  • chain;
  • gears;
  • brackets; and
  • cables.

It’s critical to inspect the brakes. Stopping should be smooth and quick. Look to see if the brakes are worn or if the brake levers are bent or cracked. Check for worn, rusty brake cables as well.

The frame of the bicycle should also be inspected. If it’s cracked or bent, it is probably not safe to ride. Clear indications of frame damage are a sign to move on, as this could sacrifice bicycle safety.

Tips for Buying a Bike: Test Riding a Used Bicycle

In addition to inspecting the frame and others parts of the bike, another important tip when buying a bike is to test ride it.

First, making sure it is the right size for the prospective rider is important for bicycle safety. This means feet can be planted flat on the ground, with about an inch or so of clearance between the person’s crotch and frame of the bike.

Second, get a good feel for how the bicycle rides. It shouldn’t be wobbly and difficult to maneuver. If the chain comes off or jams, it could be a matter of making adjustments or it may indicate a bigger problem.

If in an Accident in Colorado, Injury Attorneys in Arvada Can Help

Even if bicycle safety is a priority when purchasing a bike or when riding, some may still find themselves in accidents. If the bike itself is defective or if a negligent cyclist or driver causes an accident in Colorado, injury attorneys in Arvada may be consulted for legal help. Of course, remembering the above-mentioned tips for buying a bike could help ensure the bicycle is safe to ride.