Three Reasons to Insist upon a Local Attorney in for a Bicycle Accident Case

If you or someone you love were recently involved in a bicycle accident, finding the right attorney becomes a top priority. It’s particularly crucial to enlist in the help of an attorney local to Aurora. This is primarily for three reasons, each of which is discussed below.

Reason One: Knowledge of Local Bicycle Laws

You’ll need an attorney who is very familiar with the local bicycle laws. Each state has its own traffic laws by which riders and drivers are expected to abide. However, each town may have its own ordinances as well.

For those in Denver, these laws are covered in Chapter 54 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code. Each city’s bicycle laws takes precedence over the state’s laws; in other words, Colorado state statutes regarding bicycle laws can be superseded by municipal ordinances. Therefore, you’ll want an attorney who is well-versed in bicycle laws specifically pertaining to the Denver and Aurora area.

For example, bicyclists are not allowed to ride on the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, except on Sundays, and bike parking is not permitted on the mall. Knowing the laws and how they can apply to your case will better enable a local attorney to prove liability in a claim or lawsuit.

Reason Two: Familiarity with the Local Court

You’ll want an attorney who will walk into the courtroom with ease and confidence. A lawyer can only do this if he or she knows the court and the community, as well as the likelihood of a fair resolution for your particular kind of case.

Acquaintanceship with the local judges is also key. Local attorneys who have practiced law for some time in the area will likely know the judges in the community. Good attorneys will never walk into the courtroom without knowing the presiding judge, along with background information on the judge’s past rulings in similar cases.

Reason Three: Accessibility & Affordability

Lastly, having a local attorney means you’ll have better access to the staff. If you hired an out-of-town attorney for your case, investigations, the discovery period, and travel expenses would quickly rack up extra fees.

Hiring a local attorney means:

  • you can more easily visit your lawyer at the office to discuss the progress of your case;
  • your lawyer won’t have to bill you for travel time to talk with witnesses or for court hearings;
  • your lawyer will keep you in the know regarding the judge’s temperament and possibilities of a fair settlement; and
  • you can rest at ease knowing someone who knows Denver bicycle accident laws is working on your behalf.

Trusted Bicycle Accident Attorney: D.J. Banovitz

For legal counsel in the Denver or Aurora area, call bicycle accident lawyer D.J. Banovitz. He is very familiar with local bicycle laws and knows how to best use them to build strong cases. He is even an avid bicyclist himself and understands the issues facing bicyclists. Contact us at 303-300-5060 today to set up a free consultation and determine if we may be a good fit for you.