Three Important Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for Catastrophic Injury Claims

Catastrophic injuries, by nature, greatly impact a victim’s life and the life of his or her family members. Because catastrophic injuries inflict such a huge loss, successfully proving the claim is of the utmost importance in order to recover fair compensation.

This is why hiring a lawyer before moving forward with an injury claim is so important to your case or that of a loved one. Actually, there are three vitally important ways in which an attorney can benefit your case, each discussed below.

Reason #1: To Prove Liability

All personal injury claims are based on the concept of liability. In a catastrophic injury case, you’ll have to prove to the court that the other party breached a duty of care they owed you or a family member.

In other words, you’ll have to show that the other party:

  • owed a duty of care;
  • acted negligently and failed to uphold that duty; and
  • cause actual injury because of their negligent behavior.

This is much easier said than done, which is why hiring a lawyer is so important. Keep in mind that the whole time you are trying to demonstrate the other party’s fault, they will likely be trying to prove that the victim was also partly at fault.

If their lawyer successfully convinces the court of the victim’s fault for his or her injuries, you could lose a large portion (or all) of the compensation.

A catastrophic injury lawyer will gather evidence, and then use various strategies and tactics to prove the other party’s degree of fault while minimizing yours or your loved one’s.

Reason #2: To Demonstrate Damages

After liability has been established, you’ll need to accurately and effectively demonstrate all damages to the insurance company or courts. This is where a lawyer can be a huge asset.

A lawyer can:

  • explain damages that could be recoverable (there are probably things you can claim of which you aren’t even aware);
  • help you account for all damages;
  • account for damages that are unique to catastrophic injuries (particularly the slew of future medical expenses and loss of income and employability);
  • use experts such as counselors and life care planners to prove compensable emotional pain and suffering damages;
  • arrive at a valid estimation of damages (so you’ll know whether or not the insurance company is trying to lowball you); and
  • share tactics and procedures with you so you can accurately document damages (e.g. using a pain diary, compiling an accident file).

Reason #3: Invaluable Experience & Resources

When you and your family are in the aftermath of a catastrophic injury, healing and learning how to live a new kind of normal will be the victim’s primary focus. A lawyer can take care of the legal headaches and truly benefit your case by using his or her expertise, knowledge, and resources to make sure the case is handled quickly and successfully.

Attorney D.J. Banovitz and our team can benefit your case by:

  • compiling evidence and proving your case;
  • sharing access to skilled professionals (economists, counselors);
  • using our negotiating and litigation skills;
  • making sure all damages are accounted for; and
  • being your legal confidante and advisor whenever you are in need.

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