Three Benefits of Hiring an Injury Attorney for Bad Faith Insurance Issues

There may be a number of benefits of hiring an injury attorney in Colorado who can help with any bad faith insurance practices you may encounter as you file a claim. These include unfair denials or tactics used to delay payment for a settlement or investigation of a claim.

It can feel like a no-win situation, going against a large insurance company. If you believe the company has acted in bad faith or you wish to ensure the process is handled correctly from the start, seek help from an attorney.

Benefits of Hiring an Injury Attorney in Colorado

One reason you should hire a lawyer is that insurers will sometimes try to confuse clients with insurance lingo. The hope is that you will take them at their word and not question their decisions or the settlement they offer. They may act in bad faith by failing to disclose policy information or other details you request.

If you don’t fully understand the coverage you have available and the policy limits, a lawyer can help. In some cases, you could even avoid having to talk with the insurance company and leave it up to your legal representation to handle most of the discussions.

A second potential benefit of hiring an injury attorney in Colorado is that the insurance company is held to its responsibilities to policy holders regarding timely, good faith investigation and communication.

If it seems unreasonable how long it’s taken to get a response on your claim or you can’t understand why you’re being asked for certain documents or information, an attorney can help you sort through the communication issues or unnecessary requests you’re facing.

Lastly, one of the major benefits of hiring an injury attorney in Colorado to help with your claim is to ensure you’re getting a fair settlement. The bottom line is that insurance companies will sometimes do what they can to avoid paying claims or reduce their value. Your lawyer can review any settlement offer before you accept it to avoid accepting an offer made in bad faith.

Possible Signs of Bad Faith Insurance

Possible signs that could indicate your insurance company is acting in bad faith include:

  • unreasonable claim denial;
  • breaching of contract terms;
  • unreasonable delay in distributing settlement payment;
  • failure to reach a settlement despite clear liability;
  • misrepresentation of policy details;
  • intentionally withholding claim information;
  • failure to enter into negotiations; and
  • offering a settlement much lower than what is deserved.

Proving that an insurance company has acted in bad faith can be a challenge. As if the claims process isn’t complex enough, now you have to show that it’s not being handled correctly.

D.J. Banovitz can help if you’re trying to deal with an insurance company acting in bad faith. There are several benefits of hiring an injury attorney in Colorado to help with the claims process, so contact us at 303-300-5060.

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