The Impact of PTSD after an Accident on a Personal Injury Claim

Traumatic events, such as a serious car crash, may trigger post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the accident for some. This is especially true if there are severe injuries or loss of life.

Just as physical injuries can be addressed in a personal injury claim, psychological injuries may be addressed as well. To learn if damages for PTSD after an accident may be recovered in a resulting injury claim, it might be in the person’s best interest to consult with a Colorado personal injury attorney in Arvada.

How PTSD after an Accident Affects a Personal Injury Claim

Damages in a claim will usually address the medical expenses connected to the physical injuries including bills for:

  • hospitalization;
  • surgery;
  • medication; and
  • follow-up doctor visits.

If the victim sustained a disfiguring or permanently disabling injury, additional damages may be available.

Non-monetary and emotional damages may include:

  • pain and suffering;
  • mental anguish; and
  • reduced quality of life.

Individuals may also seek compensation for damages related to psychological injuries, which is where PTSD may come into play.

Those who require treatment for PTSD may seek compensation for these costs as well. A Colorado personal injury attorney in Arvada will rely on proper evidence to indicate that the accident victim has suffered PTSD as a result of the accident and injuries.

Evidence of PTSD in a Personal Injury Claim

In order to recover damages for PTSD after an accident, there will need to be evidence linking the accident and the physical injuries sustained to the psychological injuries suffered. This can sometimes be a challenge.

There will need to be documentation from a mental health professional of the treatment received. It must also indicate the diagnosis of PTSD. Sometimes this will require another medical expert’s opinion as to whether it is an accurate diagnosis of psychological injuries.

As there is likely going to be continuous therapy for a period of time, a Colorado personal injury attorney in Arvada may submit paperwork indicating this as evidence. If medication is being taken to treat symptoms, the prescription can also be helpful in proving these types of damages.

It may help to keep a journal after the accident. Besides emotions, it should include the symptoms being experienced. Notations pertaining to any interference with work or socializing should also be included. Anything that is relevant could potentially aid a Colorado personal injury attorney in Arvada in building a strong case.

Seeking Legal Counsel in Colorado with a Personal Injury Attorney in Arvada

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident and the types of injuries that have been suffered, some personal injury cases can be especially challenging. To ensure an injured victim’s rights are protected, it might help to seek legal advice.

D.J. Banovitz can help victims of serious accidents who sustain physical and/or psychological injuries following an accident. Victims or their families can set up a consultation where they may discuss the effects of PTSD after an accident and how damages may be recovered in an injury claim.

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