The Dangers of a Distracted Driver and Texting and Driving for Bicyclists and Pedestrians

Distracted driving because of texting and driving has become a major health and safety concern in recent years . In 2009, more than 5,000 people were killed in auto crashes due to driver distraction, and more than 400,000 were injured. Other studies show that using a cell phone while driving can reduce your brain function for driving by up to 37%.

Distracted drivers not only risk hurting or killing themselves when texting and driving, but also others on the road, including bicyclists and pedestrians.

Why is texting and driving so dangerous?

Any car accident lawyer in Denver will tell you there has been an uptick in these types of accidents:

  • texting and driving increases the risk of an accident 23.2 times more than impaired driving;
  • a distracted driver has a reaction rate even slower than a drunk driver , a legally drunk driver typically needs 4 additional feet to begin breaking safely – a distracted driver who is texting and driving needs 70 feet;
  • the average distracted driver looks away from the road for 5 seconds in which a car can travel the length of a football field;
  • 95% of drivers claimed to believe that texting and driving was unsafe, yet 21% admitted to doing it anyway;
  • steering capability is decreased by 91% when using a handheld device;
  • drivers are 6 times more likely to get into an accident when using their cell phones while driving;
  • texting and driving facilitates unsafe maneuvers on the road , such as erratic braking; lane weaving; speeding; ignorance about other drivers, pedestrians or bikes; and delayed reaction time in dangerous situations; and
  • new and inexperienced drivers are the worst culprits, with 37% of 18- to 27-year-olds admitting to texting and driving compared to just 2% of 45- to 60-year-olds.

Many people may believe that multitasking behind the wheel doesn’t affect their ability to drive, but the aforementioned statistics prove otherwise. So what can you do about a distracted driver?

A car accident lawyer in Denver explains the ways to keep you from being a distracted driver and ensuring the safety of other cars, bikes and pedestrians on the road:

  • don’t eat and drive;
  • be extra cautious in school zones and areas where children on foot or on bike may be present;
  • put your phone away or even in the trunk until you get home or to your destination – even hands-free phones can be distracting and dangerous;
  • drive your car like it is brand-new so that you continually are aware of what you are doing;
  • make adjustments like changing the radio or getting something of the glove box in “park;”
  • don’t drive while impaired or intoxicated;
  • obey the posted traffic laws and signs;
  • don’t drive if you are angry or experiencing severe emotional distress;
  • be extra cautious in bad weather situations ; and
  • pull over to enter information into your navigation or GPS system and only look at it when absolutely necessary.

Even when practicing safe driving skills and avoiding texting and driving, accidents can still occur and may lead to serious injuries. If you were hurt by a distracted driver, a car accident lawyer in Denver may be able to help.

Bicyclists and pedestrians can be hurt seriously in these types of situations, which may result in large medical bills and the inability to work . Recovering compensation with the help of a car accident lawyer in Denver may be possible. Call today to find out about your options.

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