Taking Pictures of Unsafe Conditions for Premises Liability Claim

When pursuing a premises liability or slip and fall claim, photographic evidence can go a long way in establishing dangerous conditions that existed when the victim was injured. However, it will be important to act quickly so that any evidence available is preserved. A Colorado injury attorney in Aurora can assist victims in building a case with the help of this evidence.

Using Pictures as Evidence in a Premises Liability Claim

It may be the last thing on someone’s mind when hurt, but taking a picture of the condition that caused the accident can be critical to a slip and fall claim.

Certain conditions may be temporary, such as snow, ice or a newly waxed floor, which is why taking a picture immediately is important. Other conditions could be changed or altered. An example may be a person falling on a broken step. Before getting the chance to take a picture, the owner may quickly fix it.

The good thing is that most people have easy access to a camera through a cell phone. In some circumstances where a picture can’t be immediately taken, the person might come back later with a camera to capture a better shot.

When taking pictures of unsafe conditions, it’s important to get several shots. There is nothing more disappointing than to have the pictures developed and discover they didn’t turn out very well.

Start by getting a picture of the entire scene. For instance, if it was a broken step don’t just take pictures of the step. Be sure to get a photograph of the entire stairway. It may show something else that is helpful, such as a lack of lighting.

Just as wider shots should be taken, pictures that zoom in to the specific problem are also important. The combo of the two can best show the exact hazard that caused injuries.

Keep in mind that if the injured person isn’t able to get pictures, others might be able to assist. Witnesses who are at the scene of the accident may be willing to snap photographs. Or sending a trusted family member or friend back to the scene as soon as possible is another option. Victims may also refer to a Colorado injury attorney in Aurora after the fact, as a lawyer can provide further guidance regarding evidence collection.

Other Types of Evidence in a Premises Liability Claim

Pictures aren’t the only type of evidence that can help establish premises liability and build a strong slip and fall claim. Statements from witnesses could be invaluable. This could include bystanders or those who know firsthand of a hazard. Let’s say someone fell after leaning on a railing in a store. Employees might be able to testify that it was known the railing was loose and needed to be repaired.

Cameras that are installed in or near a building could also help show what happened. Obtaining this footage can be important for a slip and fall claim. Since these types of cases can be very complicated and difficult to prove, it may be a good idea to seek legal counsel with a Colorado injury attorney in Aurora. D.J. Banovitz can go over a premises liability claim and assist with evidence collection and evaluation.

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