Support for Cyclists: Wounded Rider Program

A bicycle crash can cause devastating injuries that put the cyclist in the hospital and out of work. This creates not only a financial burden, but also the stress that accompanies recovery. Some injured cyclists may find support through the Your Group Ride’s Wounded Rider Program.

What is the Wounded Rider Program, and why was it created?

Creator of the Fort Collins Your Group Ride cycling website, Dan Porter, developed the program for local riders hospitalized after bike accidents. Recipients receive a crash kit that includes a new helmet, sunglasses, bandages, Neosporin, gift cards and a variety of other items to increase bicycle safety. They’re customized for the rider and even may include car rides while the injured cyclist can’t drive.

It’s sponsored by various businesses, some that are bicycle-related. Others include restaurants, massage therapists and more.

Porter understands the impact of a bicycle accident. In 2012, he collided with a guardrail while descending near Pinewood Reservoir. He suffered road rash across his body and a fracture in his right hand. It didn’t take long to realize the financial, emotional and physical impact a crash can have. When family and friends came along to provide support, it sparked the idea for the Wounded Rider program.

The first recipient of the Wounded Rider Program was Jeff Noffsinger, who rides with the Audi Cycling team. He suffered a broken rib, fractured vertebrae and lacerations on the head when he crashed his bike into a ditch on May 23, 2014. After undergoing back surgery, the next day, he received his crash kit.

A second crash kit was recently delivered to another cyclist, Scott Ruff. Last month he broke his jaw while riding on the Kokopelli Trail in Fruita.

Who qualifies for the Wounded Rider program?

To qualify, the injuries must be severe enough that it puts the cyclist out of work for a time and/or results in hospitalization. Also, the victim must be a local bike racer or rider with close affiliations to the Northern Colorado racing scene.

What other options do cyclists have when injured in an accident?

Sometimes a bicycle crash is the result of another person’s careless or reckless actions. This could allow for the filing of a claim against the liable party. It’s important to talk with an attorney familiar with bicycle accidents to learn if you have a case.

Injuries from a bicycle crash can result in substantial medical bills. There could be future expenses incurred for treatment needed, such as surgery or rehabilitation. While recovering, the cyclist may be out of work. For some, the duration could last a few weeks, months or even longer. The loss of earnings only adds to the financial burden. An injury claim can address these issues.

There are also physical and emotional repercussions from a serious crash. As a result, the cyclist may recover damages for disability, disfigurement, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and more. Talking with an attorney at D.J. Banovitz personal injury law will provide a better understanding of legal options and how to protect one’s rights — especially because D.J. Banovitz is an experienced bicyclist.

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