Summer Safety Tips for Kids During Recreation Activities

Summertime is the perfect opportunity for children to get outdoors and enjoy a variety of recreational activities. But with that also comes the chance that a child could be seriously injured. Understanding some summer safety tips for kids could make for not only an enjoyable but safe summer.

Water Summer Safety Tips for Kids

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in the summer of 2012, there were 137 children under the age of 15 who drowned in a swimming pool or spa. Additionally, 168 children sustained near-fatal injuries.

Although it is strongly advised that children be taught how to swim, young ones should never be left unattended. The same applies to children who aren’t very strong swimmers.

Believe it or not, many pool accidents occur when children are being supervised. All it takes is a few moments of preoccupation and a drowning or other pool accident can occur. So ensure that at all times an adult is keeping a watchful eye on children playing near or in a pool.

Make sure there is rescue equipment close at hand. This includes a telephone in case of an emergency. Parents, babysitters and others responsible for the care of children should know how to perform CPR.

Camping/Hiking Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Another enjoyable activity during the summer is camping and/or hiking. It’s important to plan ahead for both, choosing areas that are age-appropriate and packing the necessary equipment.

Dehydration is a common problem in hot temperatures. So make sure children stay hydrated by providing plenty of water. Also make sure they have enough food. Pack sunscreen that contains SPF 15 or higher in order to protect the skin. Wearing the right gear can also prevent injury, such as a good pair of hiking boots.

Sports Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Whether it’s soccer, softball or any other type of sport, injuries can be prevented by wearing appropriate gear. For instance, helmets could prevent head injuries.

Equipment that many parents use to protect their children includes:

  • mouth guards;
  • pads;
  • shin guards; and
  • rubber cleats.

Children should also be taught that watching out for others is more important than scoring or winning a game. An example is calling, “I’ve got it,” when running for a ball or not tossing a bat after hitting a ball.

Playground Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Playgrounds are another place where children can enjoy a variety of activities. But injuries such as dislocations, concussions and fractures are also possible on the playground. As with other types of recreational activities, supervision at all times is critical.

Teach children to take turns going down the slide and to go down feet first. Also, they should never walk behind another child who is on the swings. If a child is wearing a necklace, clothing with strings or other loose items, remove them. They can get caught on equipment and cause strangulation.

Look over the equipment for broken or missing parts. Check for areas where a child’s head could get stuck. And make sure any metal parts aren’t too hot.

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