Safety Alert: Summer Is the Season of Pool-Related Slip & Fall Accidents

Summer: The Season of Pool-Related Slip & Falls

Summer: The Season of Pool-Related Slip & Falls

Slip and fall accidents can happen anytime and nearly anywhere. In the summer season, however, pools are one of the most common sites for slip and falls.

When these accidents occur around pools, there is generally a far greater chance that victims can sustain traumatic brain injuries (if heads slam into hard, concrete ground) or potentially even drown (if they fall into the pool as a result of the accident).

To help you and your family avoid a pool-related slip and fall this summer (and beyond), the following presents some essential pool safety tips. We encourage you to share these safety tips on Facebook & Google+ to promote pool safety awareness and help others limit their risk of pool-related slip and falls.

How to Reduce Your Chance of a Slip & Fall by a Pool: 7 Essential Safety Tips

Whether you have a pool at home or you regularly visit a community pool, here are some vital safety tips to keep in mind and practice in order to prevent slip and falls by pools:

  1. Keep the ground area surrounding pools as dry and clutter-free as possible. Avoid keeping pool accessories right by the edges of pools, as these can create a tripping hazard (and increase the risk of slip and falls).
  2. Do not rough house or run around the edges of pools, especially if the ground immediately by the edge of a pool is wet.
  3. Use railings when stepping into and out of pools.
  4. Never swim alone, and make sure that at least one adult is always supervising children who are swimming in or playing by pools.
  5. Keep flotation devices and other safety equipment around pools so that immediate action can be taken if an accident happens. Consider also keeping a bell or whistle by the pool as a type of “alarm” that can be used to get more help if a slip and fall (or other accident) occurs by the pool.
  6. Do not swim or engage in pool-related activities after drinking alcohol and/or taking medications that can impair your balance and/or coordination.
  7. Consider adding safety features to or around pools. Examples of these features include nonslip surface coverings (for walkways around pools), gates or barriers (around pools), and warning signs (to highlight the risk of slip and falls).

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Additional information about pool accidents & safety from authorities at the CSPC.

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