Steps to Take in a Bad Faith Claim Informative

A Colorado Bad Faith Claim Against an Insurance Company Requires Help From a Denver Attorney

Making a Colorado bad faith claim against an insurance company is a complex process. The bureaucracy of the insurance company can make it difficult for the insured party to pursue compensation, but a Denver bad faith attorney can help with your claim.

An insurance policy is a contract that requires both parties to act in good faith when holding up their ends of the agreement. For the insurance company, it means insurers have an obligation to pay for whatever is insured and do so in a timely fashion, thus acting in good faith.

Occasionally, an insurer will employ tactics that show bad faith such as delaying payments or even attempting to underwrite your policy post-claim, which means they may reconsider whether you even deserved the insurance.

Before You Pursue an Insurance Company Bad Faith Claim

There are some things to consider before pursuing a bad faith claim, and a Denver bad faith attorney can help guide you through the process. Consider the following:

  • Understand your contract— as the plaintiff, you need to work with your bad faith attorney to identify clauses in your insurance contract that requires the insurer to cover your claim.
  • Collect your claim documents— you need to show how the amount of your claim was calculated and demonstrate that the insurance company never paid.
  • Be patient— once you decide to make a bad faith claim, it may involve Colorado and federal agencies that monitor insurance companies. This process can be time consuming.

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies that have practiced bad faith with you to have done it to others. When this happens, it’s possible the bad faith claim becomes a class action suit that may require years to work its way through the legal system.

When this happens and government agencies are investigating, it helps to remember that a Colorado bad faith claim isn’t about your actual insurance claim, but instead about the way the insurance company did business with you. In the end, if it is found that the company did act in bad faith, there may be no financial award for you because the company is bankrupt or obligated to pay fines first.

The most important thing to remember is that a bad faith claim is complicated. Victims who try to collect on their own often may receive smaller awards or none at all because the insurance company demonstrated an unwillingness to pay from the beginning.

A Denver Bad Faith Attorney Can Guide You Through The Process

The Denver Law Office of D.J. Bonovitz can help with the complexities of a bad faith claim pertaining to your insurers. Insurance company bad faith should not be tolerated. Call today for a free consultation at 303-300-5060. If your bad faith claim stems from an injury claim, please read our free book 7 Costly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Colorado Injury Claim.

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