Soft Tissue Car Accident Injuries & Possible Difficulties Resolving Claims

Soft tissue injuries like sprains and strains are not uncommon in car accidents. And although less severe than bone, organ, or nerve damage, they are still considerably painful and can restrict activity for some time.

Unfortunately though, because these types of injuries are somewhat difficult to prove, it can be challenging to reach a fair settlement with insurance companies.

Common Types of Soft Tissue Injuries

Any type of damage to the muscles, tendons, or ligaments can be considered a soft tissue injury. Sprains and strains – particularly back and neck sprains – are the most common of these injuries that car accident victims sustain upon impact.

Probably one of the most common types of soft tissue injuries we see in car accident cases is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the neck is jolted during the accident, often snapping backward in a rear-end accident. It’s sort of a catch-all term that describes neck sprain and strain.

With back and neck strains and sprains, victims will be not only feel pain and discomfort, but also experience a reduced range of motion and degree of disability. Working and going about your daily activities can be exceptionally difficult when your back is stiff and painful, or you’re unable to turn your head.

Some whiplash patients, according to the American Chiropractic Association, experience additional symptoms such as:

  • dizziness;
  • difficulty swallowing;
  • fatigue
  • irritability;
  • nausea; and
  • blurred vision.

Recovery after Sprains and Strains

Back and neck strains and sprains are slow to heal and can be frustrating for patients. Treatment for these types of injuries comprises chiefly anti-inflammatory medication and rest. Physical therapy might also be recommended.

When soft tissue injuries heal, the muscles tend to repair themselves in such a way that makes them less elastic and weaker, making those who suffer these injuries more prone to re-injury. Patients may discuss certain chiropractic, physical therapy or massage therapy sessions with their doctor to strengthen the muscles in the back or neck.

Insurance Companies Might Trivialize Your Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are sometimes difficult to discern on traditional medical tests. Diagnosis is largely based upon patient input and the doctor’s examination and assessment. Many insurance companies will attempt to undermine or discredit your claim for muscle sprains and strains, making it difficult to receive the appropriate amount of compensation after an accident.

To best prove your injuries, carefully document all of your treatments; keep records of everything. Then, consult a local attorney to help you construct the case and to work on effectively demonstrating the validity of your claim.

Attorney D.J. Banovitz Can Help Prove Your Case

If someone else caused your accident, you are entitled not only to medical damages, but also your lost work time because of your injuries, amongst other things. We can help you recover your losses. For a free legal consultation, call attorney D.J. Banovitz. We serve car accident victims in Aurora and the surrounding areas. Contact us today at 303-300-5060 to set up your a free, no-obligation consultation.

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