Skull Fracture in a Bicycle Accident in Denver

As the protective shield for the brain, any injury that involves the skull immediately increases the risk of brain damage. Skull fractures are some of the more serious injuries that occur in bicycle accidents in Denver. Skull fractures may have serious, life-threatening consequences or even the potential to cause long-term cognitive or mental disability.

Because of the relative lack of protection that bicyclists have during an accident, they are at greater risk of injury, including head injuries, than motorists. In a typical bicycle accident, the bicyclist is thrown off the bicycle and lands on the concrete or pavement.

In serious cases, the bicyclist’s head can impact the concrete or pavement, causing a skull fracture. This is especially dangerous if he isn’t wearing a bicycle helmet to absorb the impact and protect the skull and brain.

Types of Skull Fractures in a Bicycle Accident

As outlined by MedlinePlus, several types of skull fractures can occur in a typical bicycle accident, such as a:

  • simple fracture in which there is a crack in the bone, but no damage to the skin;
  • linear skull fracture in which there is a fracture in the cranial bone, without depression, splintering or distortion of the bone;
  • depressed skull fracture in which there is a fracture in the cranial bone with depression of the bone for the brain; and
  • a compound fracture in which the skin may be damaged, and bone may be splintered.

Complications from a Fractured Skull

The most serious complication from a skull fracture is a traumatic brain injury. The trauma that the brain suffers during a sudden jolt or a blow to the head can cause damage that leads to swelling, bleeding, and other complications. Additionally, skull fractures can open up the skull exposing the brain to the risk of infection.

During an accident, fragments from the road or pieces of debris may infiltrate the skull, posing a serious risk of infection. Skull fractures can cause serious long-term injuries, and possibly permanent disability.

Other types of skull fractures include basilar skull fractures, which typically involve an area close to the base of the skull. In such cases, bones in these areas can fracture, which can, in turn, damage the cranial nerves. Damage to these nerves can result in a number of serious consequences, including hearing loss and facial palsy.

Damages for Skull Fracture

Anytime the brain is involved in an injury, there are lifelong consequences that claimants should factor into a bicycle accident claim.

If you have a fractured skull that resulted in a brain injury, you could be looking at:

  • long-term disability;
  • future medical expenses;
  • nursing assistance; and
  • long-term medical costs.

If your injury has left you with impaired motor abilities, your home or car may require expensive modifications so you can continue to use them. Brain injuries are some of the most expensive injuries.

A victim of a severe brain injury can expect to incur millions of dollars in medical expenses over the course of a lifetime in:

  • treatment;
  • surgeries;
  • lifestyle modifications;
  • therapy; and
  • other costs.

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