Signs of Brain Hemorrhage After a Car Accident

Unfortunately, sometimes even minor accidents can cause serious injuries. This makes it particularly important for Arvada drivers to know the warning sides of a brain hemorrhage after a car accident. In particular, without knowing the warning signs, brain hemorrhage can be a silent killer. The symptoms of this condition can go unnoticed or be mistakenly identified as a much less serious injury if not given the proper attention. After an accident, the victims can pursue compensation for these injuries.

Warning Signs of a Brain Hemorrhage

Brain injuries can happen even in minor accidents. Often, the brain suffers trauma from the head hitting against the steering wheel, windshield or other part of the vehicle. The brain actually moves separately from the skull. In accidents, the simple momentum of the skull decelerating at a different speed than the brain can cause the brain to smash against the hard skull and be injured. The severity of the traumatic brain injury impacts recovery.

When the brain bleeds, the blood cannot drain quickly and forms a pool, called a hematoma, near the injury. This pool of blood creates swelling that presses against the brain tissue, causing the tissue to die and leading to potentially serious conditions.

Some of the signs of brain bleeding include:


  • abnormal sense of taste;
  • sleepiness;
  • stupor;
  • headache (described as the worst headache ever);
  • difficulty swallowing;
  • loss of coordination;
  • nausea;
  • seizures;
  • sensation changes; and
  • vision changes.


If you experience any of these symptoms after an accident, immediately seek medical treatment from your doctor or a hospital. The signs of bleeding in the brain are treated with surgery, medicine, IVs and blood transfusions. Coma and death, however, are possible if the injury isn’t addressed immediately.

There can be many serious long-term complications from brain hemorrhages. Problems with cognitive skills, sensory processing, motor skills, communication, social skills and even epilepsy can result from brain hemorrhage.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Immediately after any accident, you should obtain the other driver’s contact and insurance information, witness information, accident reports and accident scene photos. Personal injury protection, health, uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance, umbrella and liability insurance can be used to obtain compensation for the brain injury.

When filing an insurance claim, it’s important for claimants not to release their entire medical history to the insurer. The insurer may try to use this information to show that the brain hemorrhage existed before the accident. This is when knowing the warning signs of a brain hemorrhage are helpful because if the victim and loved ones document them, then this can be used to prove one’s position to the insurance agency.

Go to the Doctor at the First Sign of a Brain Hemorrhage, and Get Legal Help from an Attorney

Brain injury insurance claims can be complicated. Physical therapy, occupational therapy and other rehabilitative therapy may be necessary to help the victim regain mental functioning. In other cases, the patient may never be able to regain pre-accident capacities. This can result in a loss of income earning potential that can be claimed as damages in a lawsuit or insurance claim.

Because there’s a good chance of a high settlement, the insurance company may try to reduce its settlement offer as much as possible. Brain hemorrhage victims may need to hire an attorney to protect their interests. By taking your account of the accident and the signs of brain bleeding that resulted, the car crash lawyer can prove negligence and hire expert witnesses to discuss the long-term costs of the injuries.

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