Signs of and Responses to Child Abuse in Daycare

Parents should be aware of possible signs of child abuse in daycare. Though the majority of daycare establishments in the U.S. are safe and trustworthy places, abuse is an unfortunate reality in some instances. There are certain signs in the daycare center or behaviors in your child that may be considered signs of abuse. If you think your child may be the victim of abuse in daycare, contact an injury attorney in Colorado.

Possible Signs of Child Abuse at Daycare

Regarding the daycare center itself, if a staff member attempts to block your access to the facility in some way, ask why that is. Professionals in the child care industry should expect parents to be diligent when sending their children to a daycare center, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Inquire about naptime – ask who watches the children, if the kids are always supervised, etc. Also ask about bathroom procedures. Are the children brought to the restroom by a staff member? Do others besides the childcare staff have access to the children at any time? Are the children punished by staff members, and if so, how?

Daycares should be open about their policies, procedures and any information pertaining to your child. If they are not or you are met with resistance, it may be cause for concern. If anything seems suspicious to you, further investigate the daycare, move your child to another facility and contact a Colorado injury attorney immediately.

Child Behavior and Signs of Abuse

Even if the facility itself is not suspicious, be wary if your child exhibits signs of abuse. Signs of child abuse in daycare or elsewhere include behavioral changes. This might include outbursts of anger or bouts of depression, or any other unusual changes.

Some children may become more aggressive and start fights with others. Unexplained injuries from the daycare center (bruises, marks, etc.) could be a sign of abuse, too. Also take note of any sudden and age-inappropriate interest or knowledge of sexual behavior because this may indicate abuse. If your child is suddenly afraid to go to the daycare, ask him or her why.

Steps if You Suspect Child Abuse

If your child exhibits any sign of abuse, it may be helpful to contact other parents who use the facility to find out if their children exhibit similar behavior or if they have run into any suspicious issues at the facility. Take your child to a doctor or psychiatrist to ensure that no lasting injuries have been inflicted. Inform the authorities of your concerns and contact an injury attorney in Colorado.

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