Signs of a Good Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

Filing a claim against an insurance company can feel like an intimidating decision. It may seem that it’s a no-win situation, especially when going against a large corporation. But they are not exempt from the law.

When an insurance company has acted in bad faith, it’s critical to seek legal advice. There are certain signs to look for in order to know if the bad faith insurance lawyer is right for the case. Knowing how to find a good attorney could make a significant difference in your claim.

Signs You’ve Chosen a Good Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

One sign that an attorney is good for your case is that he demonstrates an understanding of insurance laws, regulations and practices. Bad faith litigation can involve complex issues that only a knowledgeable attorney should handle.

Another sign of a good attorney is that he considers all damages when negotiating a settlement. For instance, some claimants may be entitled to recover punitive damages in addition to the damages they were originally seeking. In fact, it’s this form of compensation that deters other insurance companies from acting in bad faith.

A bad faith insurance attorney should take adequate time to evaluate the case. Make sure your attorney does his or her due diligence when considering your case and examining the details of your communications with the insurance company as well as your original case.

Your attorney should also be honest about everything. This includes the strengths and weaknesses in the case, estimation of a potential settlement, and anything else of relevance. He or she should answer all of your questions willingly and openly, so take advantage of this during a consultation and ask any questions that you have.

Signs You Need a Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

A lot of people have uncertainties about their rights when it comes to insurance claims. They might get denied, and the process to appeal a denied claim may seem challenging. So it may be difficult to know if you have a bad faith insurance case and/or should hire an attorney.

One sign that it may be time to seek legal counsel is when the insurance company denies a claim without a valid reason. Insurance companies are required to inform claimants of the reason for denial. If they refuse to do this or the answer is vague, it could be a case of bad faith.

Another sign is the company misrepresented the coverage sold. Whatever terms were discussed at the time of purchasing the policy, if later the insurance company does not honor them, it could be time to contact an attorney.

Failure to properly investigate the claim or communicate in a timely manner can also be a sign of bad faith requiring attorney assistance. And insurance companies that continually request unnecessary or redundant information may be operating in bad faith as well.

Lastly, if the insurance company’s exclusions or limitations in a policy aren’t clear, it could be a sign of deception. If they don’t appear to apply to the claimant’s particular circumstances, it may be time to seek legal advice.

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