Safe Bike Paths in Denver, Colorado and Surrounding Areas

Whether it’s a nice easy ride or a mountainous, off-road cycling trail that you’re looking to navigate, Colorado offers a vast array of bike paths. Whether you’re looking for a bike trail patrolled by park rangers, one that’s paved, or a path that is geared toward families, Denver and nearby communities have bike paths for every rider.

Prime Locations for Safe Biking in Denver

The following are some bike paths in Denver and surrounding areas:

  • Rio Grande Trail in Glenwood Springs – the trail is protected from vehicular traffic (except at intersections). It allows for varying skill levels of riding, including road bikers and families. Riders can enjoy the sights of elk, bald eagles and historic ranch buildings.
  • Cherry Creek Bike Path in Denver – the level paths make this trail family-friendly. Some of the highlights, notes, include a shopping district, Castlewood Canyon State Park, and a 12-acre park that includes historic buildings and a museum.
  • Bear Creek Path in Denver – paved and mostly flat makes this path easy to navigate. One of the highlights, points out, is that it takes you to Morrison, a small town that offers ice cream stores, cafés, coffee shops and fine dining.
  • Colorado Trail in Denver – a portion of this trail allows families with young children to enjoy biking because it’s closed to motor vehicles and has gentle gravel. This six-mile stretch begins at Waterton Canyon. Besides the scenic river, you might catch the sights of various animals along the way.
  • Clear Creek Path in Denver – this paved bike trail is patrolled by Golden Park Rangers. Along with the creek, it runs through the town of Golden, CO, the state’s first capital. The Colorado Railroad Museum is also just off the trail, notes

Tips for Staying Safe While Biking

Denver park rangers are found on many bike trails. Safety may be enhanced through a program called the Volunteer Courtesy Patrol, which comprises volunteers who model good behavior and provide assistance and information for trail visitors. Some of the most popular areas that benefit from this program include Cherry Creek Trail and Bear Creek Park and Trail.

Here are some other tips that can help make your biking experience not only enjoyable but safe:

  • don’t ride after hours (Denver city parks are closed from 11 PM to 5 AM and mountain parks are closed one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise);
  • always let someone know which trail you are on and when you expect to return;
  • avoid traveling alone;
  • be aware and alert of your surroundings;
  • don’t wear earbuds or headphones;
  • make sure cell phone is with you and fully charged;
  • plan your bike ride when other people are around;
  • vary the time of day and trail you take to avoid patterns that others might observe;
  • always scan the area around you for hazards on the trail or suspicious people;
  • carry identification;
  • observe posted signs;
  • give audible warning when passing;
  • be especially careful in high traffic areas and when around children;
  • bike at a reasonable speed; and
  • trust your instincts if you sense danger.

Even the most safety-conscious cyclist may not always avoid an accident, though. D.J. Banovitz is an attorney and avid bicyclist himself. Call 303-300-5060 to discuss your case with him, and check out our free eBook to avoid ruining an injury case.