Road Rash Treatment: Skin Graft for Burns from a Bicycle Accident in Arvada

Road rash is a common injury associated with bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents on Arvada roadways, although it is possible to sustain road rash injuries from other types of accidents as well. It occurs when the skin scrapes against the pavement or other rough surface.

Road rash is measured in degrees, much like burns, and the more serious the road rash injury is, the more likely you will need extensive medical intervention. If you experience first-degree, or minor road rash, you will have redness of the skin and probably do not need any medical treatment.

Home care including cleaning and treating with antibiotic ointment will probably do the trick. Second-degree road rash occurs when the skin actually breaks, but this may also be an injury that doesn’t require much medical intervention.

Third-degree road rash, however, is a serious injury involving the removal of skin from the body, exposing tissue beneath it. Skin grafting is a common surgical road rash treatment this severe injury.

Skin Graft for Burns from a Bicycle Accident in Arvada

Those who suffer road rash may require skin grafts. This procedure typically requires general anesthesia. In a skin graft operation, skin is removed from one part of the body (the donor location) and transplanted to another part (the road rash site).

There are two types of skin grafts, the split-level thickness graft and the full thickness graft. The first type requires the removal of only the top two layers of skin for transplantation to the road rash site, and is more suited to the coverage of large injured areas.

The full thickness graft is more common for smaller wounds on exposed places like the face. These grafts involve the transplantation of all layers of skin along with the blood vessels and muscles.

Road Rash Treatment: Recovering from Skin Graft

Recovery after skin grafts for road rash treatment can be lengthy and difficult. You will require a hospital stay of a few days to a few weeks. The doctor must monitor the graft area to determine whether your body will allow the graft to connect to your other skin.

In some cases, the body may reject skin grafts and the surgery will be a failure. You may require additional surgery in this case. The donor site and the graft site require monitoring for some time.

Your movement will be limited depending on where your graft is located. You might be restricted from climbing stairs or making any movements that might stretch the graft area. It can take a period of several weeks until your doctor releases you for normal activity.

Get Legal Help Recovering Damages for Road Rash Treatment

If your road rash injury is the result of an accident that another party caused, you might be eligible to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit to recover compensation.

  • medical bills for road rash treatment.
  • pain and suffering.
  • and, lost wages during recovery.

Speak with your attorney for a more complete discussion of damages that may be recoverable in your particular case.

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