Recognizing Internal Hemorrhaging after a Car Accident

Internal hemorrhaging, which may occur in serious car accidents, can easily go overlooked because the injuries aren’t always visible on the surface. And because untreated internal bleeding can lead to serious complications and even death, it’s imperative that car accident victims stay keen to symptoms.

How Internal Bleeding Occurs in a Car Accident

High impact collisions can cause trauma to the body’s soft tissues, organs, and vascular structures. Compression of the organs, tearing of internal tissues, and ripping or crushing of veins and arteries can cause internal hemorrhaging.

In car accidents, victims usually sustain internal bleeding injuries in one of three ways:

  • Blunt Trauma – A blunt force in a car accident can cause serious trauma, causing great compression on the internal organs. If the force is great enough, the tissue lining of organs may tear, or bones and muscle fibers may be crushed, each of which may cause internal bleeding.
  • Broken Bones – Breaking of large bones can release large amounts of blood in the body, which can worsen if the blood vessels surrounding the injury site are also severely damaged.
  • Deceleration Trauma – This occurs when the organs shift inside the body. When impact occurs in a car accident, the body may be restrained, while the organs shift forward, causing the organs to “bounce around” inside the body. Deceleration trauma often causes brain hemorrhaging and bleeding within the abdominal cavity.

The Importance of Recognizing and Treating Internal Hemorrhages

Internal bleeding is exceptionally dangerous, if left unrecognized and untreated, blood clots can form which can lead to:

  • organ failure;
  • shock;
  • coma; and
  • death.

The difficulty may lay in symptom recognition. It may take some time for the symptoms to manifest. A collision can cause an enormous impact and horrible damage to the body’s organs, and yet there might be little to no evidence of the gravity of the condition on the outside of the body. Lack of lacerations, cuts, or fractures doesn’t necessarily mean the body sustained no damage.

After a serious car accident, victims should be on the watch for symptoms such as:

  • confusion;
  • loss of vision;
  • inflammation;
  • dizziness and fainting;
  • swelling and tightness;
  • pain with no obvious source;
  • slurred speech;
  • lightheadedness;
  • drop in blood pressure;
  • bloody vomit or urine; and
  • visible bruising.

Recovering Compensation for Injuries

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries after an accident, you may be able to file a personal injury claim and recover a settlement for your losses. Family members and loved ones may also act on the part of the injured party through an Arvada accident attorney.

Internal bleeding can cause great amounts of pain, and it can also rack up thousands of dollars in medical bills, force you to miss time at work, and can cause permanent damage that can impact your and your family’s life forever.

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