Playground Safety Tips for Kids in Arvada

Each year, roughly 200,000 kids are treated in the emergency room for playground injuries, according to a 2001 Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) study.

The vast majority of these incidents – 75 percent of them – occur on public playgrounds. And many of the accident aren’t just bumps and bruises. The CPSC study reports that nearly half of playground accidents are severe, such as the following.

  • Fractures
  • Internal injuries
  • Concussions
  • Dislocations
  • Amputations

In order to reduce the risk of hazards on the playground, parents and teachers need to routinely check that the equipment is safe and in good repair, and to keep watchful eye on the children. You can also share the following playground safety tips with your children so that they have a better understanding of safety.

Playground Safety Tips for Before the Fun Begins

Before kids dash and jump on the equipment, they’ll want to abide by certain safety tips listed below.

  • Wear sunscreen. It may not feel pleasant at first, but it will help protect your skin and enable you to stay outside and have fun without getting burned.
  • Keep your shoes on. Going barefoot could cause you to get a splinter from the wood chips or your feet to get burned on the hot equipment. Also, wearing shoes will protect you from stepping on something that can hurt you.
  • Look around and check out the equipment. If it’s wet, broken, or rickety, you don’t want to play on it.

Parents can further make sure the playground is safe by inspecting equipment and making sure there are no hazards present.

Playground Safety Tips While Playing

When you’ve checked all the above, it’s time to hit the playground! Stick to the following playground safety tips to make sure your kids stay safe while playing.

  • Only use equipment meant for kids your age. If you are ten years old and use the toddler equipment, you could break it and get stuck or hurt.
  • Use slides safely. This means only one person at a time, no going over the guardrails, and only sliding feet first.
  • When climbing poles or ladders, go slowly and don’t go too high. Also, only climb up equipment meant for climbing. You want to climb on the rope ladder, not equipment support poles or beams.
  • Make sure no other kids are around you when you start swinging. A lot of kids get hurt that way. Also, only swing with one person (you) in the seat, and wait until the swing stops before you hop off. And if the swing frame feels shaky or the legs of the frame come off the ground as you’re swinging, stop swinging and go tell the grownup in charge.
  • Check in with your grownup periodically, and don’t stray from the playground. If a stranger approaches you or if someone bullies you, go to your grownup straightaway.

Legal Help after a Playground Injury in Arvada

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