Playground Accident Liability in an Arvada Slip and Fall

Playground accident liability will depend on the unique circumstances surrounding your child’s slip and fall case. Speaking with an Arvada personal injury lawyer can help you better understand the legal options that may be available.

While playground accidents vary in nature, many of them stem from children falling. Injuries can be minor with nothing more than scrapes and bruises, but they also can be much more serious.

Determining Playground Accident Liability

One potential cause for a playground accident is poor supervision or a complete lack of supervision. If your child was injured while at school or in daycare and those responsible for supervising failed to do so, their actions could be considered negligent.

If the school or daycare center didn’t provide enough teachers or caregivers to supervise the kids properly, this may be another form of negligence. Liability could include not only those responsible for supervising the children, but also the institutions that employ them.

Playground accident liability could include the owner of the equipment. Child slip and fall cases involving negligence of an owner could stem from equipment that is in disrepair or doesn’t meet safety guidelines. An Arvada personal injury lawyer can explain if there are state laws in place that regulate playground safety and may impact your case.

The contractor responsible for installing the equipment potentially could be liable if it was done incorrectly. Manufacturers may be responsible if the equipment is found to be defective.

Possible Injuries in Child Slip and Fall Cases

Consulting an Arvada personal injury lawyer is especially important in determining playground accident liability if your child suffered serious injuries. Slips, trips and falls can lead to devastating consequences.

Fractures are common injuries, especially to the upper limbs. But fingers, wrists, hands and legs also can be broken as a result of these incidents. Head injuries are possible when a child falls on the playground. These injuries could include concussions, gashes requiring stitches, traumatic brain injuries and skull fractures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that about 45 percent of playground accidents involve a severe fracture, concussion, dislocation, internal injury or amputation.

Consulting with an Arvada Personal Injury Lawyer

D.J. Banovitz has handled child slip and fall cases and understands the importance of determining who is responsible. For help with your case, contact him at 1-303-300-5060. He will work hard to evaluate and establish playground accident liability in your case.

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