Pet Saver: Learn About the PupSaver Dog Car Seat

Everyone knows about car seats for their children, but how many Denver pet owners know that there are dog car seats as well? The PupSaver is one example. Using this product may help keep your small breed dog safe and save yourself from the distraction of the dog running around your car.

What is the PupSaver dog car seat?

The PupSaver works a lot like a rear-facing child car seat. It uses straps to connect it to the car’s seat belt at five points of contact and a leash to connect the dog to the actual seat.

The seat can be installed in either the front or back passenger seats of the vehicle. For padding, the seat uses ballistic nylon or faux leather to cushion the dog while it sits in the seat. It’s designed only for small breed dogs, so check the weight limits before using it for your dog.

In an accident, the PupSaver acts like a catcher’s mitt. The dog’s momentum goes into the soft cushions where it is protected from harm while the seat belt contracts stopping the entire seat from flying through the windshield or into the dashboard.

While not required by law, the PupSaver has been crash tested according to similar standards as child car seats. In a 30 mph frontal crash simulation with a 25 pound object representing the dog, the seat significantly reduced forces to the occupant. This test is comparable to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 which governs child car seats. The MGA Research Corporation performed these tests for the manufacturer.

You can purchase PupSaver online at It comes in brown, gray and dark gray colors and with either nylon or faux leather covering. The company will only ship the product within the United States.

Why Buckle Up Your Dog in a Safety Restraint

It’s safer for the dog, the driver, and passengers to keep a dog restrained in a car. At just 35 mph, a 60 pound dog is a 2,700 lb projectile according to Bark Buckle Up, which promotes using car seats for dogs and restraining animals in vehicles. Additionally, if the unrestrained dog survives the accident, it can interfere with first responders and may start biting or snapping if it is scared.

Finally, dogs may want attention from their owners or may try to explore all parts of the vehicle. This can be a major distraction and interfere with the driver concentrating on the road, which may increase the risk of an accident. Using a dog car seat prevents the dog from wandering around the vehicle.

Could unrestrained dogs be a factor in a negligence claim?

Generally, the idea of negligence governs all car accidents. Negligence means failing to provide reasonable care to prevent harm to others. If a dog distracts the driver and results in an accident, there’s a strong argument that the driver was negligent in not taking precautions to prevent the distraction.

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