Overview of Intersection Accidents

Intersection accidents may be the result of a various driver errors or negligent acts involving right-of-way and other issues. Intersections can be tricky areas of the road to maneuver, especially if there are no stoplights. When several vehicles come to a four-way stop, for example, right-of-way confusion or ignorance may lead to an accident.

One vehicle may proceed through the intersection, assuming that it has the right-of-way. Even when stoplights are present, drivers can become distracted and continue through the intersection on a red light or may try to turn left in front of an oncoming vehicle, misjudging the vehicle’s speed. Here are some things to know about intersection accidents and when you should contact Colorado auto accident lawyers.

Bicycle-Car Accidents at Intersections

A good deal of bicycle accidents may take place at intersections. Bicycles are much smaller than cars and may not be as visible. Bicyclists may take steps to increase their visibility on the road by wearing bright clothing and using reflectors on their bicycles. What’s more, both bicyclists and motorists should be aware of all of the rules of the road as well as a bicyclist’s right to the road. Colorado auto accident lawyers can help determine liability in bicycle-car accidents.

Red Light Cameras at Intersections

Red light cameras have been installed at numerous intersections around the country to improve intersection safety, but some reports show the opposite to be true. The National Motorists Association cited a report from the North County Times that rear-end accidents at one Oceanside, Calif., intersection increased to eight collisions from January 10 to March 31 in 2005, up from one over that period in 2004 before the installation of the cameras.

The NMA also cited a story from KATU News in Portlan

d, Ore., that found rear-end intersection accidents increased by 140 percent at intersections where the cameras were installed. Some believe that the cameras make some drivers more nervous about going through an intersection because they fear a ticket.

Avoiding Intersection Accidents

Whenever you are at or approaching an intersection:

  • Be cautious whenever entering an intersection, even if you have a green light;
  • Use your turn signals so other drivers know you are turning, and turn off your signal so as not to confuse other drivers anticipating what you are going to do;
  • Look for pedestrians and bicyclists, especially when turning; and
  • Never run a red light, even if you do not see other cars in the area.

Contacting a Lawyer

Car accidents at intersections can cause injuries that are serious or even life-threatening. If you are a victim, contact a Colorado auto accident lawyer at the Law Office of D.J. Banovitz. Request our free eBook about mistakes that could ruin your injury case, and call 1-303-300-5060 today to discuss your intersection accident with an attorney.

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