My car insurance claim process has been delayed, what can I do?

The insurance claim process can oftentimes be a frustrating one. When there are continuous problems with getting a claim settled, it may become necessary to speak with a Colorado car accident lawyer.

Common Problems with the Insurance Claim Process

According to the National Association of Insurance (NAIC), in 2012 the top four complaints regarding handling a claim are as follows:

  • delays – 21.73 percent;
  • denials – 15.29 percent;
  • unsatisfied with offer/settlement – 13.82 percent; and
  • state-specific issues – 5.35 percent.

Delays have been the number one complaint since 2009. Other problems pertain to issues with underwriting and policyholder service.

Reasons for a Delay in the Insurance Claim Process

Sometimes the insurance claim process is delayed because of paperwork. It could be that a claimant hasn’t provided adequate, or enough, information. You can prevent this from happening by making sure you have assembled all documentation and information that the insurance company needs.

Even if a claimant has given the insurance company everything necessary, it may ask for additional information or say the paperwork was lost and must be resubmitted. This is a tactic sometimes used with the hopes that the claimant will get tired of waiting and end up settling for less than he or she might deserve.

Paperwork isn’t the only cause for a delay in the insurance claim process. The investigative work that must be done by an adjustor can sometimes take longer than necessary.

Dealing with Unfair Delays

There are things you can do when faced with an unfair delay. For instance, review your policy to learn more about the claims process. It can help you better understand your rights. You should also contact the adjustor on a regular basis to check on how the process is going. Persistency can sometimes pay off.

Make sure you also keep accurate and detailed records of all communication with the insurance company, including:

  • names;
  • phone numbers;
  • dates; and
  • times.

Write a summary of the conversation so that you don’t have to try and recall this information later on.

Of course, speaking with a Colorado car accident lawyer may be another step in dealing with a delayed claim. It can sometimes be difficult to know if there are legitimate reasons for the delay or if there are underhanded tactics being used by adjusters to delay the process.

If it’s found that the insurance company has wrongfully delayed your claim, you may be able to file a bad faith insurance claim. It’s based on the premise that in good faith, the insurance company should honor the terms of your policy. When this isn’t the case, the company is acting in bad faith.

Consulting with a Colorado Car Accident Lawyer

You could end up receiving additional compensation if it’s found you were the victim of bad faith. Discuss your case with a Colorado car accident lawyer, who can assist with the process to make sure it is handled in the appropriate manner. Call D.J. Banovitz at 303-300-5060. He will carefully review the details of your situation and determine if the insurance company is using unfair practices during the insurance claim process.