My auto insurance has delayed my claim for an unreasonable amount of time. Is this a bad faith dealing?

Any time an insurance company delays settling a claim for an unreasonable amount of time, it can be considered a bad faith insurance deal. After an accident, victims file claims to recover compensation for damages such as vehicle repairs, property damage and medical bills. If your insurance company needlessly caused a delay, it could lead you to pay for everything out of pocket until you receive a settlement. Inform your Colorado car accident lawyer if you are having problems receiving compensation from your insurance company.

Methods Used to Delay a Claim Settlement

Various types of actions may be considered acting in bad faith. Delaying a payment is a common one used as the insurance company looks for ways to avoid or reduce payment. You may think that the delay is just part of the process at first until months pass with no communication from the insurance adjusters regarding the status of your claim.

Some may delay the claim in hopes that you will simply forget about it and move on. Failing to communicate or respond to requests for updates may be some tactics the insurance company uses. Some may refuse to negotiate despite the presentation of a valid claim. Still, denials without explanation may be considered bad faith, too. If your auto insurance delayed your claim without a valid reason, get help from a Colorado car accident lawyer.

Legal Help for Bad Faith Insurance

If you are tired of dealing with a bad faith insurance company, contact a Colorado car accident lawyer at the Law Office of D.J. Banovitz. You may even request a copy of our free booklet, 7 Costly Mistakes that can Ruin Your Colorado Injury Case. Call 1-303-300-5060 if you believe your auto insurance company delayed your claim intentionally and is not acting in good faith to settle your claim.